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  • no bootable device error, how to fix computer error, fix no bootable device error

    How To Fix “No Bootable Device” Error

    The disk error No bootable device means that the computer cannot find the hardware with the required files for a computer start, aka bootable device. Damaged cables, incorrect BIOS settings, or a faulty hard drive are some ‌reasons behind a no bootable device. In most cases, you can fix the no bootable device problem following […]

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    Solved: Can’t Delete File in Windows 10

    No matter how large the capacity of the computer’s internal hard drive may be, sooner or later we all run into the out-of-memory-space issue — often just when there is an urgent need to install a program required for work or to transfer data from an external storage device. Of course, deleting unnecessary files and […]

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    Hard Disk B

    Recovering Data from a Fire-Damaged Drive: What You Should Know

    Hard drive damage due to fire may not be the most common cause of data loss, but is definitely one of the most difficult to recover from. While the physical or mechanical damage to an HDD alone can be devastating in many ways, the hard drive chamber, hard drive assembly (HDA), also often gets heavily […]

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