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Data Recovery Success Story: NYC Teacher Gets Salvaged All Her Lessons from a Faulty USB

Data Recovery Service

At a time where we need to keep distant from each other, it’s always heartwarming to discover what can be done to keep us closer than ever. This is how a teacher got all her lesson plans and resources salvaged by the data recovery company, SalvageData.

The Prehistory

While the ubiquitous lockdowns associated with the multiple COVID-19 outbreaks had forced schools to close during quarantine, the most devoted teachers chose to stay in service, working via the web. Being a teacher in a New York City school, Clara was one of those not having their post abandoned: she kept her lesson plans and resources safe in a flash drive, and has been offering her classes online. Making sure her students are still connected, even if they’re not in the same room.

As she described it herself: “As a teacher, my flash drive is what has sustained my life during these past few weeks of remote learning.” But then the flash drive stopped working.

The error of USB flash drive not being detected or recognized is an issue that users encounter quite frequently, and considered one of the most common reasons for data loss to occur. Damaged USB-stick components, outdated drivers or software, wrong file system, partition issues, faulty hardware, dead system controller, various device conflicts — there are plenty of things that can cause a memory storage to go belly up. Either way, a failed USB-stick is not something you normally can fix on your own.

Seeking Options

Finding a data recovery company with a Google search can be pretty intimidating. Data loss isn’t an everyday problem, so when you look for a solution you find out that there’s a whole industry you weren’t aware of. An industry that includes a lot of non-certified providers, not to mention the DIY tutorials and software that can do way more damage than good.

USB Flash Drive recovery is one of SalvageData’s staple services, so finding our 24/7 emergency phone assistance was not a challenge. Within minutes of getting the necessary information, Clara’s flash drive had a free shipping label on and was on its way to a properly equipped (and sanitized) lab.

The possibility of unrecoverable data is always there. But a firm policy of “no data recovered = no charge” is in place to assure anyone that the certified experts at the lab check every possible avenue to recover data safely.

Clara’s contact was a long-time representative that made sure she understood each step of the process. And amid the current COVID-19 crisis, he did not hesitate to give her a near 60% discount, plus free Expedite service. In a matter of about two business days, Clara had all of her data safely back with her and ready for her next lesson.

Happy Ending

With more than a decade of experience, the SalvageData team has solved thousands of data loss cases and repaired a multitude of various defective media — so that the USB-stick was soon brought back to life.

In a heart-warming letter of thanks, Clara applauds the kindness she experienced: “I would not have been able to provide quality instruction for my students in these next coming weeks had it not been for you. […] I cannot tell you how comforting it was to know that you understood the seriousness of what I was saying and that you actually cared about my students. That level of humanity is not easily found and when you find it, it has to be mentioned and lauded.”

Of course, objectively speaking, both sides are just doing their job, either teaching or recovering data. But in times where a lot of services and activities have been forced to halt, these kinds of stories are a good sign that we can adapt to the current reality with kindness in our hearts.