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Water Damaged Hard Drive: What To Do

As with all things electrical, hard drives do not mix well with liquids. Of course, even with the best intentions in the world, accidents happen and water can, and does, damage many unfortunate people’s digital storage devices annually. While getting water into a disk drive is never good, there are certain actions you can take

Water Damage on Platter

Hard Drive Failure SOS

Fortunately, hard drive failure is not a terribly frequent occurrence. That does not, however, make them any less daunting for those who fall victim to them. Our reliance on our computer systems for just about every facet of modern life can mean that a single failure can have serious repercussions. Maybe it was those photographs

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

Storing important files digitally makes many aspects of life much more convenient. One of the best perks of the digital age we live in is ease with which we can share ideas, images, and documents with friends, family, or colleagues, without the burden of carrying masses of paper work around with us. Of course, being

Blue screen filled with text

Tips For Buying a New Hard Drive

The hard drive market can be a vast and a confusing place for those who are not well read up on computer systems and are unaware of the specific jargon used. There are a huge number of different manufacturers, hard drive types, potential sizes, and different price points that exist, and finding the perfect unit

Hard drive attached to computer

Causes of Hard Drive Failure

These days, we store just about everything we need digitally. Whether it’s that all important college essay, annual company report spreadsheets, or cherished family photos, we tend to lump all of these vital files together, and despite constant warnings to “back data up”, we often take their security for granted. The fact of the matter

shattered platter

Making Better Hard Drives with Helium

Helium is a wonderful element, with many uses that improve our lives outside of making balloons float and creating comedic gold when inhaled. Helium is used to cool the magnets in MRI scanners, act as a protective gas in the production of titanium, and help detect leaks in pipelines. Now, helium is being used to

SalvageData Makes a Family’s Christmas

Just before this past Christmas, we recovered data for a client whose sister-in-law’s hard drive failed. After the holidays, the client sent us a video he shot of his sister-in-law opening the hard drive on Christmas, and needless to say it put a smile on our faces. The best commercial businesses are the ones that

The Truth about Solid State Drive Reliability

If you’ve Googled any comparison of hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs), then you’ve probably seen the same analysis in every article. Every one of them will tell you that HDDs give you a ton more space for much less money, while SSDs rock HDDs in terms of performance. No argument from

IBM 350 – The World’s First Hard Drive

Every major piece of technology has a beginning. Whether it was instantly adopted, took time to be accepted, or served as the basis of the idea that did catch on, most of the kinds of products you use began as a single item or invention. Karl Benz’s gas-powered internal combustion engine has been the basis


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