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Businesses in Flood-Affected Areas Can Count On Discounted Data Recovery Services

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Natural disasters can be so devastating that securing lives is the only priority when it first hits. In the aftermath of a flash flood, for instance, the impact can be stretched for weeks to come. 

Our daily lives now depend on technology and when computers, servers, even cell phones are damaged by water or power surges, the struggle to get back to normal is even harder. Data loss can be inestimable.

Whether it’s family photos, personal documents, medical records, or business contracts, we at SalvageData know that every bit of data matters. That’s why we’re offering a $300 discount off data recovery services of any damaged or malfunctioning device will be granted to business owners and individuals located in and affected by the recent floods in Washington State and Hawaii. 

Flood Relief Pledge

SalvageData, the critical data recovery company, has pledged special terms and conditions to businesses and individuals whose devices have been damaged by the recent aftermath of heavy floods.

When businesses and personal projects are halted by data loss, time is of the essence.

A free evaluation of any damaged or malfunctioning device of any brand (computers, hard drives, servers, data storage devices, among many) and a $300 coupon off any data recovery service option can be claimed by those located in disaster areas. 

A data recovery case can be submitted by calling +1(800) 972-3282 or by filing a help request screening form on SalvageData’s website, using coupon code SDRRELIEF and stating your location.

Flood-affected Areas

Business owners in Washington State and Hawaii took a heavy blow these past days, on top of already weary spirits caused by the pandemic. Inundated homes, vehicles, business premises, and even entire streets were quickly devastated by floodwaters.

The repercussion caused by weather-related disasters directly strikes the operation of basic supply chains, like food and housing supplies. Essential services, like hospitals and gas stations, are also disrupted by flash floods and power surges.

While people living in flooded areas receive proper assistance and shelter by local and federal authorities, SalvageData can provide data recovery expertise to minimize impact.

We can help affected businesses to secure the source of income and jobs of those communities. Lost data and operation downtime caused by floods put a strain on businesses or even an entire city.

Water-Damaged Devices

Servers and hard drives are highly susceptible to water damage caused by floods as seen in Washington and Hawaii. And even if a device doesn’t get wet, unstable electricity during a natural disaster can fry its internal components.

The device may even power up and appear to work as usual, but the damage may worsen simply by turning it on and forcing a read/write operation, for instance.

The experts of SalvageData urge people not to try to fix a faulty damaged device themselves as it may make the damage even worse and put business and personal data at risk of permanent loss.  

With over 18 years of excellence, SalvageData engineers have seen their share of damaged devices caused by natural disasters. However, with a 96% successful recovery rate, valuable data was recovered even in the most challenging cases. 

Even sensitive information handled by government agencies and hospital facilities in the flood-affected areas can also be recovered by SalvageData within full compliance to GSA and HIPAA strict standards and requirements. 

Flood Relief, Disaster Relief, Emergency Data Recovery, Water-damaged deviced


Our highly trained professionals ensure data confidentiality and fast turnaround in order to prevent any or minimal service disruption caused by the floods. 

In sum, if any type of data storage device got damaged by unprecedent floods, as seen in Washington State and Hawaii, it’s best to leave it to professionals to diagnose any malfunction and retrieve data. Advanced techniques and an ISO-certified cleanroom are employed to recover data even from the most hopeless devices. Let us help you overcome the impact of a natural disaster and request help now!