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SalvageData’s emergency server data recovery can minimize the impact of the interruption
caused by a server error or crash and quickly restore data with a 96% success rate.

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Servers can be a program or device (such as RAID) that fulfills clients’ requests. It handles tasks and shares resources with multiple people. There are multiple types of servers including Database Server, Web Server, Application Server, SQL Server, Virtual Servers, File Server, Exchange Server, etc. And SalvageData can restore data from all of those servers, regardless of the damage.

How Server data recovery works

We can safely restore files from any type of server, including RAID array, NAS, or DAS. It’s why government agencies and companies of all sizes choose us as their recovery specialist.

Our process

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Server data can get lost because of Hardware Damages, Logical Errors, Failed Migration of Data, Software Installations or Updates Errors, Operating System Errors, Failed RAID Rebuild, Cyber Attacks, Human Error, Accidental Deletion, and Natural Disasters. Recovery starts by calling recovery experts and starting a new case.


Whether on-site, remote, or in-lab - our certified data recovery experts are able to pinpoint the root of a problem quickly and clearly. With a 96% success rate in resolving data loss cases, we provide services to businesses of all sizes, healthcare providers, and government organizations, which makes us one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Review Results

We want the entire restoration process to be as transparent and open as possible. When data is recovered, you will receive a complete list of recovered files so that you know exactly what you are paying for. You can also track the entire recovery process straight from your phone with the SalvageData App.


As soon as the amount of recovered data is specified, you’ll get the exact cost of recovery. Though we strive to keep the prices as low as possible, the final price will depend on the degree of damage to your device and, consequently, the complexity of the restoration work.

Receive data

Depending on the condition of your device, we can return the drive with all the retrieved information back to you via secure shipping, by loading the files on a new device, or simply sending it to you digitally.


Frequently Asked Questions on servers and the data recovery process

Start with checking for dirt and dust congestion on both interior and exterior surfaces, and make sure the fan works properly.

Check for software patches and OS updates, and make sure everything is up-to-date. Review the event logs and inspect access control to rule out human errors and outside interference. Install trusted diagnosis software to narrow down a failure cause. However, except in cases of overheating issue, most of those problems require technical knowledge and understanding of the device’s internal components to be properly diagnosed.

Contact our 24/7 emergency line 800.972.3282 and talk to a data recovery advisor.

Before contacting a data recovery service provider you must check a few details about them:

  • Are their technicians’ experts on your device’s manufacturer?

A good way to check it is by looking for the company’s credentials on the manufacturer‘s page. If they are listed as a partner or as an authorized service provider, then you can trust the recovery service is conducted by specialized and experienced professionals.

  • Do they have a high success recovery rate?

To know the recovery rate, take a look at the company’s reviews. Previous clients always grade the service they got, and sometimes they leave comments that can help you know how good the service is. It also lets you know if the recovery business has good customer service. 

  • Is the recovery company certified to securely recover your data?

Data recovery companies must follow strict security regulations and yearly audits. They also have to achieve several certificates, such as the ISO-9001, SOC SSAE16, and ISO 5 Class. Look for their credentials and only trust companies that can truly keep your data safe.

  • Are the recovery services conducted in a cleanroom?

An ISO 5 Class cleanroom is essential to keep your device integrity and avoid further damage to your data. This guarantees your warranty will not be damaged and the team will follow the rigorous protocols working on your case.

SalvageData follows all those regulations and protocols, as well as our experts are experienced and certified professionals.

If required, SalvageData offers both remote data recovery and on-site data recovery services. 

Our technicians will evaluate your unique case and then see if it’s possible to recover the data remotely, or if it requires an on-site service. 

However, depending on the cause of the data loss, you’ll need to send the device to our lab so it can be properly recovered in our ISO-5 level cleanroom and laboratory.

The most efficient way to minimize the impact of a server failure and consequent data loss is to have a disaster recovery plan. 

If your business doesn’t have such a plan, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Shut down the server right away to avoid further damage.
  2. Do not rebuild, repair, or reinitialize your server. 
  3. Contact our team 24/7 for an emergency server recovery

ISO 9001:2008 to take chances

Obtaining the ISO certification means that we have successfully undergone a rigorous assessment of our processes to assure that the organization meets standards set by accreditation and certification bodies. At SALVAGEDATA we apply the same level of scrutiny to our interactions with each customer. This is why satisfied clients cite the quality of our customer service as well as the quality of our project handling processes

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Verified data recovery experts

Since 2003, SalvageData has been pioneering in data recovery industry and has been the first to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

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Get your data recovered in a ISO-certified laboratory and highly-rated professionals with years of experience in secure data recovery.

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It’s simple: on the unlikely chance that the data is unrecoverable, there’s no charge for our data recovery attempt.

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Get an expert evaluation to find out exactly what’s the issue is with your device and determine the complexity of the recovery.

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We offer a range of turnaround times that you can choose from so you can get your data recovered as fast as you need it.

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Count on our 24/7 emergency Server recovery options. Call now to speak with a data recovery advisor and get your data recovered ASAP.

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What is the Best Data Recovery Service?

The best server data recovery service combines experience, certified expertise, and efficient customer service. We are SalvageData.


We can confidently say that we are the best HDD data recovery service providers you can find. With our team of certified experts, SOC Type-3 certified security, and full-sized ISO-5 cleanroom, SalvageData has the infrastructure and customer support system that makes us standout from any competition.

Here's how what makes SalvageData the top data recovery provider:

Alternative Recovery

The alternative recovery solution is limited. Inconsistent qualifications produces expensive, time-consuming, and potentially unsafe results.

Don’t jeopardize your crucial data. The alternative solution may crush your chances of a successful recovery.

SalvageData Competitors
Easy access to specialty parts from DonorDrives which helps lower the cost of the recovery
Robust partner program that offers professional and personalized service to our clients across the US
Apple Independent Repair Provider as well as a partner in Apple Business Chat
Dual gigabit network technology allows for faster and secure download of recovered data
Partnership with Fedex for a worry-free device drop-off experience at any of Fedex’s over 2.000 locations
Official Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and GSA Advantage! Contract Holder for the U.S. GSA and cleared for high security data
Listed under the GSA's Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Purchasing Program
One of the highest successful recovery rates worldwide, with a mission to take on every complex case
Mission to continually improve local services, parts availability, data security, and acquire updated industry certifications
Constant innovation to provide the best customer support with smart technology and case tracking updates


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Data recovery software

Our free data recovery software can help you recover the data in case of a deletion or formatted storage media.

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Professional home security systems installs and configurations
Security Information System (SIS)® for crime prevention
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