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In order to satisfy the stringent security requirements set by the corporate customers and government agencies we serve, SalvageData also undergoes annual company-wide SOC 2 Type III audits.

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Get your CCTV data recovered in an ISO-certified laboratory and highly-rated professionals with years of experience in secure data recovery.

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It’s simple: on the unlikely chance that the data is unrecoverable, there’s no charge for our data recovery attempt.

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FAQ on CCTV Data Recovery

Frequently asked questions about DVR, RCA, TiVo, Tablo, CCTV, or Dish Network data recovery answered by qualified professionals.

Video loss on CCTV security cameras or DVR occurs due to:

  • Accidental footage deletion;
  • Disk re-formatting or corruption;
  • Power outages;
  • Recorder hard drive mechanical failure;
  • Unstable network;
  • Wiring problems;
  • Hardware failures or damages;
  • Damage to hard drive firmware;
  • Camera software failure;
  • DVR runs out of storage space.

You can set your DVR or CCTV recordings to be saved automatically into an external HDD or RAID array.

You still can access your DVR remotely, and it allows you to search specific events among the recordings or sort them by time and date.

You also can set a configuration that will write new recordings over the older ones as the storage gets full.

If you have no intention of overwriting new footage on older ones, you can contact SalvageData. It’s possible to restore part of overwritten files. To increase the success, disable the configuration, backup the data, and send it to our experts before formatting to open space for the new video recordings.

DVR recording format is very specific. Besides, most security devices like DVR and CCTV uses video multiplexing, which employs multi-cameras with a single storage point, making it more difficult for recovering.

Yet, not impossible. With top-the-edge tools and techniques, plus a certified recovery room, our experts can restore your footage.

Applying specialized software to the DVR data allows us to get a complete sequence from each camera. Each case and device specification require different attention and approach. But the result is always the same: your data is recovered.

There are two ways to recover deleted videos from the DVR:

  1. Using a backup
  2. Contacting a recovery service

Start a case with SalvageData and request a free in-lab evaluation of your video recorder to restore your deleted recordings.

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While studies demonstrate that more than 60% of companies go out of business within six months after serious data loss, SalvageData has been successfully combating this disappointing statistic for more than two decades now with high-end equipment and cutting-edge data recovery technologies.

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Call us 24/7 or fill out a quick form to start your case. Our highly qualified engineers are able to quickly and accurately identify the problem and choose the best approach to retrieve files that will be most effective in your specific case.


You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label and instructions to send your media over to our lab. Rest assured that we’ll employ all of our technical capability and decades of data recovery experience to solve the issue of any kind of storage device and restore your CCTV, RCA, TiVo, Tablo, Dish Network, or DVR data.

Review Results

In order to offer our customers the best experience and make the recovery procedure as convenient and transparent as possible, we provide a list of recovered items for your review as soon as the process of retrieving the files is completed.


The final cost is based on the complexity of the recovery (logical errors are usually cheaper than mechanical failures) and according to the chosen service option.

Receive data

The retrieved files can either be transferred along with your own device, depending on its condition or by downloading the data onto a new device, all via safe shipping. If size allows it, we can simply send the files over digitally.

What is the Best Data Recovery Service?

The best CCTV data recovery service combines experience, certified expertise, and efficient customer service. We are SalvageData.


We can confidently say that we are the best HDD data recovery service providers you can find. With our team of certified experts, SOC Type-3 certified security, and full-sized ISO-5 cleanroom, SalvageData has the infrastructure and customer support system that makes us standout from any competition.

Here's how what makes SalvageData the top data recovery provider:

Alternative Recovery

The alternative recovery solution is limited. Inconsistent qualifications produces expensive, time-consuming, and potentially unsafe results.

Don’t jeopardize your crucial data. The alternative solution may crush your chances of a successful recovery.

SalvageData Competitors
Easy access to specialty parts from DonorDrives which helps lower the cost of the recovery
Robust partner program that offers professional and personalized service to our clients across the US
Apple Independent Repair Provider as well as a partner in Apple Business Chat
Dual gigabit network technology allows for faster and secure download of recovered data
Partnership with Fedex for a worry-free device drop-off experience at any of Fedex’s over 2.000 locations
Official Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and GSA Advantage! Contract Holder for the U.S. GSA and cleared for high security data
Listed under the GSA's Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Purchasing Program
One of the highest successful recovery rates worldwide, with a mission to take on every complex case
Mission to continually improve local services, parts availability, data security, and acquire updated industry certifications
Constant innovation to provide the best customer support with smart technology and case tracking updates


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