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Why join SalvageData

Certified recovery with Partner perks

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SalvageData Recovery's partner program provides data recovery services efficiently and in the shortest possible turnaround time. By joining the program, your business can expand its service offerings and have access to the company's team of experienced data recovery experts 24/7. With SalvageData's expertise at their fingertips, partners can confidently provide high-quality data recovery services to their customers and ensure their data is recovered quickly and efficiently. Our partners also include organizations in the Health, Education, and Government sectors - which highly benefit from our strict security & privacy protocols, and discounts.



IT/MSP Partner Advantages

  • Discounts/Commission for completed recovery cases
  • Scaling commission rates based on case volume
  • Client referrals for IT services we don’t offer
  • Training & equipment available for select partners


  • Student and faculty discounts
  • Privacy Shield participant
  • Security training & penetration testing available
  • Ransomware removal & IRR available


  • Discounted service rates
  • Fully HIPAA Certified staff
  • Privacy Shield participant
  • Ransomware removal & IRR available


The partner program is free and you can track every case through the Partner Portal. We are also manufacturer-approved, and we offer a secure FTP file transfer, ISO-5 certified cleanroom recovery, ISO-9001 quality certifications, and SOC III Security certification for the industry's most advanced data security protocols. Our partner program will never require a minimum of recovery projects, and you will only be charged once the data is recovered and you approve the file list.
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Partner Program questions answered

Becoming a partner doesn’t cost anything but we vet and approve our partners on factors like service offerings, locations, and IT expertise.
Options are an accrual discount or referral commissions, which typically starts at 15%.
Depending on urban density, we position our partners to be within appropriate vicinity of each other to cover an area through search presence and not to cannibalize each other’s search results.
Typically we pay out on the 1st business day of each month, using ACH or PayPal method on file. You may update your payment method under Settings of your Partner Portal.
Once you are approved, we will mail you referral brochures to hand out to clients, which have your unique ID for help. Clients using these brochures will receive a small discount and case will be attributed to you as “Referral”. Once client pays for service, you will get a notification of a pending payment, which would be paid on the 1st business day of each month. Referral is equal to your account benefit, which by default starts at 15%.