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Impossible Recovery: How Our Team Restored Grandma Photos From Run Over Phone

Impossible Recovery: How Our Team Restored Grandma Photos From Run Over Phone

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Our team is used to handling all levels of damage to restore clients’ memories and data. But it’s not every day we get a phone that was full-on run over by a car.

That was the case with a Samsung S9 filled with sentimental photos and important text messages. Most places would avoid this type of damage because it’s not their average repair. SalvageData’s out-of-the-box thinking was able to restore data with an innovative method.

run-ovr samsung phone recovery

This worked so well for the runover Samsung 9, that our experts tried the same strategy with an iPhone X with liquid damage that caused an internal short. Going above and beyond to recover sentimental photos of grandma and grandpa and text messages. 

The solution? Years of experience and certified knowledge guided the technicians to carefully cut the circuit board in such a way that they were able to access and back up the data to a secure folder.

Using cutting-edge technology and an ISO 5 class cleanroom, SalvageData’s technicians can get inside severely damaged devices and restore their whole data.

severely damaged phone data recovery process

The recovery process

As soon as the devices arrived, our team started to think about how they could access the data. The solution was cutting the board. They could fix the internal parts and access the memory by opening the phones.

The solution was cutting the board to access the data

From there they were able to connect the phones to our lab computers, where they backed up the data.

The whole process demands care and attention. Any small mistake can mean data loss or damage to the files.

Why a cleanroom?

Since the data recovery process demands extra care, everything evolving the process is to avoid further damage.

In an ISO class 5 cleanroom the air is controlled, to avoid contamination. Every tool, furniture, and the surface is sterilized. The technician’s attire has its own demands as well.

It’s necessary to avoid dirt or debris from damaging the device, increasing the chances of successful data recovery.

High-security standards

With an outstanding team that is not afraid of thinking out of the box, SalvageData delivered to the rightful owners their data back. 

Photos, files, documents, contacts, and a very special request to the Samsung S9 phone to restore grandpa and grandma memories from it. All are backed up following strict security standards and delivered to our clients.

That’s because we go beyond the data recovery process. After all, we want to make sure we can recover any important data and precious memories.

No matter the damage, brand, or model. We’re ready to help you restore everything that was lost when your device got damaged.

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