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  • hajd ransomware, data recovery, ransomware removal

    Hajd Ransomware: Data Recovery & Removal

    Like any other ransomware, Hajd ransomware encrypts your files and demands a ransom for the decryption key.  After a ransomware infection, the first thing you should do is disconnect from the internet and then run a malware scan on your computer. If you notice the virus before it takes all your files, you have a […]

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    Uyjh Ransomware Data Recovery, ransomware data recovery, ransomware removal, decrypt ransomware files

    Uyjh Ransomware: Data Recovery & Security Best Practices

    Uyjh is ransomware that encrypts your files, adding a .uyjh extension to it. So, if you have a file named photo1.png, uyjh ransomware will rename it to photo1.png.uyjh. After the virus finishes encrypting your files, it will add to each fold a ransom note with an email address and an ID. In this note, the […]

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    ransomware, data recovery, restore files, tech, cyber-attack, xhamster data recovery

    XHAMSTER Ransomware: Data Recovery & Removal

    XHAMSTER ransomware, like Zepto, encrypts the infected device files and demands payment ‌for the description key. This is a new virus infection variant that can demand Bitcoins as a ransom payment. Once the XHAMSTER gets on your device, it changes your file’s name and extension, using the .XHAMSTER extension. Although there are a few things […]

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    zepto ransomware data recovery

    Ransomware Data Recovery: Zepto Ransomware

    Zepto is a variant of Locky ransomware. It can get to your data as you open infected files from phishing emails passing as bank reports, invoices, or shipping information. The ransomware adds the .zepto extension to encrypt your file. The good news is that even with such powerful ransomware, you still have hope to recover […]

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    Protect Nas, Internet-Connected Nas Device, How to protect Nas

    How to Protect Internet-Connected NAS From Ransomware

    Have you ever advised someone to not use public Wi-Fi for bank transactions? The logic behind this is that anyone can access the public internet, leaving your device exposed to malicious attacks. Although internet-connected NAS (Network-Attached Storage) devices are a lot safer than public Wi-Fi, it still is used by a large number of people, […]

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    ransomware attack, ransomware prevention, ransomware protection, healthcare ransomware, data security, data breach

    Ransomware Attacks in the Healthcare Sector: What To Do

    While the world fights against COVID-19, another parallel fight against another virus threatens the healthcare sector: ransomware.  The pandemic revealed how vulnerable the healthcare sector really is when it comes to cyber security.  Basically, ransomware is software that encrypts files on an infected computer and locks them up until a ransom fee is paid.  Like […]

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    data security, data safety, data loss, data protection, data loss prevention, cyberattack, cybercrime, cybersecurity, hacker attack, hacking, ransomware, insider threat, outsider threat

    Insider vs. Outsider Data Security Threats: Defining And Mitigating Potential Risks

    We are living in the Information Era. Data has become the most valuable asset and the most strategic resource for individuals, businesses, and governments. Information today represents a powerful tool for forming an opinion. Data, among other things, is the driving force behind the improvement, innovation, and competition of our society. For business owners, in […]

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