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  • RAID Server Rebuild Salvagedata

    How to Rebuild a Failed RAID without Losing Data

    In our computer technology age, digital information became an all-important, crucial value. Images, music, videos, documents, emails — daily we deal with large amounts of data being operated and stored on our devices, and those quantities increase significantly when it comes to business processes needs. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) hard drives were invented […]

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    RAID 0 Configuration

    What is RAID Storage and What is the Best RAID Configuration?

    WHAT IS RAID? RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks; originally Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) is a technology which is used to increase the performance and reliability of data storage by combining multiple smaller disks into a single, more capable, device. The term itself was coined by David Patterson, Garth Gibson and Randy Katz, and […]

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    free data recovery software

    The Truth about “Free” Data Recovery Software

    Seeking free data recovery software on the internet is the first thing panicking users think of the moment they realize some important files or folders had been misplaced or erased. And it does make sense: in a number of situations it might be quite helpful in retrieving of the information that is lost. However, what […]

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    World Backup Day

    World Backup Day 2020: Take the Pledge to Backup

    March 31st of 2020 is World Backup Day. It shares celebration privileges with Eiffel Tower Day and National Crayon Day, but today is really for reminding you to make backup copies of your important digital files. Memorable family photos, design portfolios, and tax documents can all be lost in an instant if you haven’t backed […]

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    hard drive failure

    Hard Drive Failures: Common Causes and Warning Signs

    Our devices are in charge of storing vast amounts of precious, priceless and crucial information, so it is needless to say encountering failures and all the subsequent data losses can be extremely frustrating. While statistics states that 90% of hard drives run past the three year mark, annually thousands of companies suffer financial losses due […]

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    data recovery

    How to Choose the Right Backup Medium

    Photo collections, client records, company financials, documents and archives — digital data these days has turned into an utterly valuable commodity. Sensitive information we store, however, is constantly vulnerable due to the fragile nature of hard drives and the unreliable nature of the internet our systems entirely depend on. It’s hence needless to say regular […]

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