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How to Choose the Right Backup Medium

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Data has proven to be a crucial and temperamental commodity. Saved photos, client records and company financials are constantly vulnerable due to the fragile nature of hard drives and the internet. Backing them up should be a primary concern.

Choosing a storage device can be overwhelming for someone new or experienced to data storage.

According to an annual survey done by BackBlaze, in 2018 only 11% of respondents indicated backing up their data on a weekly basis.Nearly a quarter (24%) of participants reported never backing up!

Graph depicting frequency of backed up data

Our Recommendation: Reduce the likelihood of needing data recovery services!

Start with buying an external hard drive. Keep it plugged in to your computer, backing up your work as you go.

Next, make a copy of your primary hard drive that contains all programs and other important files.

Congrats, you have already taken more initiative than a half of the population. Want to educate yourself further? Keep reading.

Common Storage Methods

Flash Drive/USB

  • Small capacity. Great for presentations, PDFs, files on-the-go
  • Easy to lose, unreliable. Should not be used to backup data

External and Personal Cloud Storage

  • Large capacity (500 GB or more), at home solution
  • Contains all files, typically saved hourly or daily
  • Limited flexibility, must be plugged in or synced regularly
  • Learn more about personal cloud storage

Clone Backup (copy of primary HDD/SSD)

  • Large capacity (500 GB or more)
  • Similar to an external backup, but a clone will contain all program files in the event your data is lost from a primary hard drive
  • Physical copies can easily be damaged, especially over a period of time

Traditional Cloud Storage & Backup

  • Offsite, better security, multiple copies
  • Warning: Be careful when choosing a cloud storage service, not all are equal
    • Safety – many popular services are vulnerable to hacks
    • Cost – monthly fees can be expensive, budget/free options are available
  • Read about the safest options

The Solution is Variety

In conclusion, there is no solution that fits the needs of everyone. Variety in backups is the most effective manner to manage your data. Take notes if you missed them earlier:

First, Clone primary hard drive.

Next, back up all important and older files to an external hard drive.

Then, utilize traditional or personal cloud storage as a safety net in the event other backups are lost or damaged.

Finally, contact us with more technical or urgent questions.