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    Hard Drive Not Detected: Causes & Fix Solutions

    Hard drives, aka HDDs, are highly efficient storage devices for daily data writing/reading or to use for backup. These devices are trustworthy to keep your data safe and accessible. However, it doesn’t mean they are error-free.  Sometimes errors can indicate the hard drive is failing, while it can also have errors with an easy-to-fix issue. […]

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    data storage, how to choose data sotrage, on-premise vs cloud

    Cloud Vs On-Premise Software: Which Is Best For Your Business?

    Deciding whether cloud or on-premise software it’s the best choice for your business can be difficult. That’s because both have great qualities in their favor. On one hand, on-premise software is installed locally, giving you complete control over data and applications. But on the other hand, cloud software offers easier access and a host of […]

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    Protect Nas, Internet-Connected Nas Device, How to protect Nas

    How to Protect Internet-Connected NAS From Ransomware

    Have you ever advised someone to not use public Wi-Fi for bank transactions? The logic behind this is that anyone can access the public internet, leaving your device exposed to malicious attacks. Although internet-connected NAS (Network-Attached Storage) devices are a lot safer than public Wi-Fi, it still is used by a large number of people, […]

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    How to avoid RAID array data loss

    RAID Arrays Data Protection: How To Avoid Data Loss

    Depending on your RAID configuration, you probably already have a setup that helps protect your data in case a drive fails. Although you can always resort to RAID recovery services when a bad surprise happens to your drives, nothing beats the trustworthy protection methods to keep RAID data safe. Data protection means you’ll spend less […]

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    recover files, recover deleted files, how to recover deleted files windows, restore deleted files

    How to Recover Deleted Files In Windows and Mac

    One rule about the accidental loss of data: deleting a file doesn’t always mean that you can’t recover it. There are some situations in daily life where you can make an honest mistake or just be distracted and tired, so you can’t avoid missteps. You may have been through this more often than you would […]

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    fix sd card, format sd car, sd card, memory card

    How To Fix Problem: “SD Card Won’t Format”

    Owing to their relatively large storage capacities at such miniature dimensions, Secure Digital (SD) cards have become widely used in consumer electronics as a dependable means of storing gigabytes of data at a reasonable cost. Today they can be found in varied tech devices, from smartphones and digital cameras, to even smart home/IoT devices, such […]

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    HDD vs SSD, storage device, best data storage choice

    Hard Disk Drive vs. Solid State Drive: Which Is Your Better Choice

    The rule when deciding between Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD) is to determine what are your needs for these devices. SSD versus HDD requires you to define exactly what your goal is so you can see which one fits it. If you’re looking for faster processing or reliability, perhaps an SSD […]

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