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Transcend SSD Data Recovery

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Transcend SSD Data Recovery

Solid state drives are known the world over for their speed and reliability. They were created due to counter undesirable shortcomings in the normal magnetic hard drive. transcend ssd data recovery Especially due to their performance aspect, these storage media have become quite popular. One such company producing and distributing these hard drives is Transcend. Over the years, Transcend has been in the storage media business and is one of the most reliable solid state drive manufacturers in the world.

SSDs unlike their magnetic counterparts, use DRAM and FLASH chips to control the drive and store data. This ensures a compact size without compromising on performance which is desirable for most users. Some of the most popular Transcend hard drives include the portable SSDs, mSATA SSDs, and the M.2 SSD.

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Is it possible to recover data from a Transcend SSD?

Solid state drives present a different challenge than the normal magnetic drives when it comes to data recovery. Mostly this is attributed to their difference in architecture and modes of operation at the base levels. Operations such as deletion and formatting are different for each type of hard drive.

The biggest obstacle when it comes to Transcend SSD data recovery is the use of TRIM technology. In a nutshell, TRIM is a command issued by the operating system whenever such requests as Format, Delete or Discard are engaged. Unlike the standard drives where the delete command only removes the index file and link to the files, TRIM technology ensures that the data is completely purged from the drive. Therefore, when new data is coming in, it finds a clean fresh slate.

Causes of data loss on a Transcend SSD

When compared to the typical hard drive, the solid state drives have a lot of advantages. However, they have inherited one flaw from every mechanical object out there; it can fail. Failure in hard disks often results in data loss. Therefore, we must investigate the factors which bring about data loss in a transcend solid state drive and how each case should be handled.
transcend ssd data recovery
Improper care: even though Transcend goes the extra mile and houses some of their solid state drives with a rubber casing, the drive needs additional protection. Since the Transcend SSD is made of delicate internal electronic components, shock can be particularly devastating. When such a hard drive experiences shock, some of the delicate internal structures such as smolders might get undone. Attempting Transcend SSD data recovery after such an event should only be left to the professionals. These components are often fragile, and a person without training in the field might actually end up doing more harm than good.
transcend ssd data recovery
Virus infection: a virus is simply a malicious program written for a particular purpose. Some viruses target the hard drive and attempt to erase or corrupt the data within it. Recovering data after a virus attack can be done if you have the right tools for the job.

transcend ssd data recovery
Mechanical failure: sometimes there is no reason for why the SSD suddenly stops working. You might have handled it with the best case and made sure that you didn’t make any errors that would warrant data recovery. However, the solid state drive is still an electrical component. This means that some parts of the SSD can simply come undone. To recover data, some of these parts need to be repaired first before any recovery attempts are made. This is by no means a DIY task. Only qualified Transcend SSD data recovery professionals such as those at SalvageData can safely perform this task.

Since the solid-state drives are not like the traditional drives, SSDs near failure won’t have any of the signs of a failing drive such as clicking, grinding or screeching. It’s therefore advisable that you perform regular backups, especially when using drives with TRIM enabled. This might just save you a lot of pain and trouble.