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macOS Data Recovery: Top 5 Best Software to Recover Files

macOS Data Recovery, Best Software to Recover macOS Files

Losing files because of errors, malware, or accidental deletion can be a stressful experience. And if you’re a business, data loss could disrupt your company’s day-to-day operations, costing you valuable time and resources.

Recovering lost data is often expensive. Although companies may have an emergency budget, everyday users are at risk of either spending more money than they can afford or losing their data.

The good news is that there is software online to help people to run their own macOS data recovery and save money.

Including several data recovery solutions available to Apple users. If you lost files from your Mac OS X due to boot drive errors, bad sectors, malware, power failures, or more, these software options can help you regain access to your data quickly.

Top Summary: You can always try to do your macOS data recovery yourself. The important thing to remember is that you must be secure so you can recover the data. Otherwise, you can permanently lose it all. In this case, we recommend you find an authorized service to help you.

1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill by Clever Files is a macOS data recovery software that allows Mac users to recover their business documents, videos, music, and more. 

Download the software for free from Clever Files’s website. Upon downloading, you’ll want to select the drive you want data recovered from. Press the recovery button, and wait for the software to scan the drive. 

After running its scan, you’ll have your choice of which files you want to restore.

Furthermore, the software can recover data from all connected drives. Simply choose that drive from the software’s menu and allow it to go to work for you.

Along with a free feature, Disk Drive offers a Pro package that costs $89. Included in this is a macOS data recovery for one user and up to three Mac computers, a lost partition search tool, and a rebuild HFS+ tool.

The ultimate package is the Enterprise. With no limit on computers or users, this is the perfect solution for companies wanting quick access to data recovery software for $499.

Summary: Disk Drill has great options for enterprises that need quick data recovery. It’s recommended that accidental deletions or other errors are not unusual at your company.


DMDE (Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software) can recover missing data for all folder and file types such as documents, movies, and videos. Along with recovery, the tool gives you the option to edit and search for a specific file or partitions using its special algorithms.

There’s also a disk utility feature, where users can reconstruct RAID arrays for RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-4, RAID-5, and RAID-6.

Meanwhile, certain services of the app are free such as its RAID constructor, partition manager, disk editor, and tools to create disk images and disk clones.

The paid editions include additional file recovery options. The cost for these services starts from $20 annually for one Mac user to $133 for the DMDE Professional, which includes the ability to run the app on two operating system platforms.

Summary: DMDE is a better fit for larger businesses that use more and vary data storage options. Also, the more people using the same network, the higher chances for accidents that lead to data loss you have.

3. PhotoRec

As its name indicates, PhotoRec’s primary purpose is to recover lost files from a digital camera’s memory or Mac hard drive. The software can recover data from CD-ROMs, hard disks, and other storage devices.

It is free to try for Apple users. After downloading and launching it, the data recovery process is simple. The software will scan any connected device such as a flash drive, camera, or SD card.

After the scan, it will preview all the files you can restore. From there, simply select the data you want then recover it. PhotoRec supports many different file types including CRW, JPG, AVI, and many others.

Concerning the price, there are three tiers of service options. One-year licenses run from $39.99 to $69.99. The basic service gives you unlimited data recoveries for photos while the more comprehensive package includes photos and video repair.

Summary: For professional photographers or Mac users that just lost their vacation photos, this is a simple way to recover your photos, giving yet the opportunity to already select those you like and those you don’t want to.

4. Softtote Mac Data Recovery

Softtote is a solution for Mac users since it includes lost partition, photo, and file wizards, making data recovery much easier for the user. In addition, it can recover missing files due to improper formatting, malware, power failure, and other causes.

The software supports different types of file volumes including HFS+, FAT 16/32, and the NTFS. And it can recover data from USB drives, digital cameras, hard drives, iPods, and SD cards.

There is a free trial, which allows you to sample the software’s easy-to-use interface. And if you do enjoy its functionality, you can buy the full software for $69.99.

Summary: Fully dedicated to Mac users, Softtote can help you recover the file you don’t actually know how got lost.

5. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac

Stellar is a macOS software that can recover data from internal and external hard drives and restore files from the emptied trash.

Using proprietary algorithms, the software can retrieve permanently deleted data. It can also recover pictures from all supporting file types.

The software is easy to use. Upon launch, you can choose which file types you want the software to scan, making it easier to find specific files.

Like other Mac data recovery software, you can try it for free or buy a one-year license. The professional version will run you $79.99 and is perfect for when you need to recover deleted files. The most comprehensive version costs $199 and includes video and picture repair services.  

TL; DR: There are many solutions for Mac users who lose access to data. Although you can count on some free options, most of them have a price to use. Some software is more general, and others have a better fit for specific cases, like enterprises. Make sure to use the software that is most indicated to your purpose.

If you use any of this software you should be able to recover your data. In the case something goes wrong, though, you can always contact SalvageData for a free in-lab evaluation.