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SanDisk SSD Data Recovery

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SanDisk SSD Data Recovery

Solid state drives have never been in such demand as they are today. This is especially so because of their speed and reliability. As such, users have become reliant on them. One of the prominent SSD manufacturers in the world is SanDisk. They have been known to manufacture some of the world’s best solid state drives among other storage media. Often, we find that data carried on these drives is important or even sensitive. As such, we take care of the storage media to keep the data well intact. However, sometimes it happens that you either can’t access the entirety of the data on the SSD, or you can only access a portion of it. In such a case, some people might just count their losses and decide to start afresh. However, if the data you had was critical, you will consider finding a SanDisk SSD data recovery service.

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Being the popular brand SanDisk is, they have quite the lineup when it comes to SSDs. Their drives are known for their efficiency in speed and energy consumption meaning your notebook will stay on for longer. Some of the more renowned SanDisk SSDs include the SanDisk Extreme line which features the Extreme Pro, Extreme 900 Portable and Extreme 510 Portable. Other drives include the SanDisk Ultra line of hard drives which include the ever so popular Ultra II, Ultra 3Dand the Ultra II MSATA.

Is SanDisk SSD data recovery even possible?

sandisk ssd data recovery Solid state drives are different from the regular magnetic hard drive both structurally and logically. This means that we cannot proceed with data recovery for a SanDisk SSD the same as we would for a SanDisk HDD. Regular hard drives have magnetic disks and a read-write head that’s responsible for accessing the data. An SSD however, utilizes flash chips to store data. This means there is no sequential storage of files as it is the case on regular hard drives. Data is stored on random spaces on the chip which makes retrieval much faster.

However, when data is deleted from a SanDisk SSD, the process is not logically similar with a regular SanDisk HDD. Solid state drives come with TRIM technology which makes recovery efforts complex. By default, this setting is activated. It aggressively erases data when given the command to delete or format unlike deletions and formatting on regular HDD. The technology is meant to keep the drive’s performance at its optimum, but it can be switched off.

Causes of data loss and recovery remedies

Although the SanDisk SSDs have been created using the best available technology, they can still lose data due to a couple of reasons including:

• Physical damage
sandisk ssd data recovery This being one of the most popular causes of data loss, it’s also one of the most difficult to recover. Attempting SanDisk SSD file recovery without technical know-how could prove futile and even result in further damage to the drive. A physically damaged SSD will likely have some parts that need replacing before recovery attempts. In such a case, it is recommended you consult a qualified professional such as SalvageData who boasts more than five years’ experience in SanDisk SSD data recovery.
sandisk ssd data recovery• Malware
Malware is also a huge factor that causes data loss in SSDs. An unsuspecting user might unknowingly download a file embedded with malware from the internet. This malware then proceeds to delete data. With TRIM disabled, you can easily try recovering the data using specialized data recovery software. However, if this data is vital, the best bet is to get your storage media to a recovery professional.

• Improper handling
This refers to damages that occur as a result of human negligence. Accidental deletion or formatting can cause data loss. If TRIM is enabled, recovery of the data will be a hard task. If TRIM is disabled or the drive is being used as secondary storage, some of the data recovery software solutions might do the trick here. sandisk ssd data recovery

While some data recovery projects can easily be handled using available data recovery applications, others will need a professional. If you are ever in doubt, getting a certified SanDisk SSD data recovery professional such as SalvageData is highly recommended. We strive to ensure we recover as much data from your SanDisk SSD as possible.