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How are iPhone and Android Data Recovery Different?

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So the real difference between Android and iPhone data recovery is the recovery method used to extract the data. But in recent years it’s been a similar process because everything is now encrypted.

One thing to take into account when talking about data recovery, is that every phone has different chips that store different information. 

Most Android manufacturers, like Samsung and HTC, use generic chipsets by Qualcomm or Mediatek, for instance. Whereas Apple designs their own processors for iOS devices.

iPhone Data Recovery Main Advantages

Sometimes you will find that attempting data recovery from an iPhone can be easy while trying to recover data from an Android phone may prove difficult. That’s because of the way memory chips are implemented in each device.

The main reason for this is due to how much information is stored on each chip in terms of GB size. 

For example, iPhones generally have less storage space than modern Android phones so they make use of fewer memory chips.            

iPhone data recovery uses this to its advantage depending on the model of phone you are using.

The level of security for each operating system is another reason behind the difference in iPhone and Android data recovery. 

For example, iPhones that run iOS 8 or 9 encrypt your data by default which makes it harder for hackers to extract your information

However,  Android phones running 4.4 Kitkat do not have encryption enabled by default but can be turned on if needed from the settings menu on some devices.

Android Data Recovery Main Advantages

In recent years Android phones have been taking more features from Apple’s iPhones. This is as they try to keep up with consumer demand as a market leader. But iPhone data recovery tends to be quicker at producing new features. 

For this reason, it is important to consider that Android phones are improving year on year too. 

This means that if you need faster recovery then the chances are that an Android phone will download software updates automatically once they become available on Google Play.

One thing to keep in mind when recovering your device is that the more memory chips the harder it may be to recover your data successfully. It depends on where each chip stores its information and how much space it takes up. 

Also, every model of iPhone or Android has different features which makes iOS data recovery easier. That’s because Apple tends to make fewer changes between models compared to manufacturers who like to swap out components between devices.

Which data recovery is easier?

One common question when talking about iPhone data recovery is whether or not Apple has helped or hindered this process. 

The answer is that although iPhones seem harder to crack because they are fully encrypted by default, an Apple authorized data recovery provider will know its way around that.

Overall Android data recovery is more accessible because of the open nature of their operating system. So if you need to recover your phone data then it’s easy to find a program online that will get the job done. 

However, iPhones have been one step ahead for many years thanks to encryption and a focus on security by Apple. But recently both phones have been taking features from each other which brings them closer together in terms of performance and reliability.


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