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Infected Devices: Signs Your Phone Might Have Malware

Sean Jackson

Sean Jackson

Infected Devices: Signs Your Phone Might Have Malware
Sean Jackson

Sean Jackson

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Our smartphones have become our digital assistants, which allow us to do everything from social media to banking on the go. And while this has proven to be incredibly convenient, it does leave us at risk if we’re not careful. Here are some signs you might have an infected device.

Ads Go Haywire

You’re browsing a website on your phone when all of a sudden your screen become bombarded with pop up ads. For some websites, this can be normal as it uses ads to generate revenue. To demonstrate, if you click on the Amazon ad on a website and decide to order something, that website earns money from the transaction.

However, not all pop-ups are alike, as some contain malware. So, if you click on the ad you could be inadvertently downloading more malware on your infected devices. With these things in mind, if the website you’re on is peppered with ads, it’s best to close the browser. And if this happens regularly, you should download an antivirus software and run a scan.

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Your Phone Doesn’t Seem Right

Some of us spend a lot of time on our phones, so we can be quick to pick up behaviors that might not seem right. A good example of this is trying to take a picture or download an app and a warning message appears on your screen saying your data is low.

Confused, you go to your settings and are surprised to find your phone has used much of your data. This can be concerning because malware will run multiple programs in the shadows; these programs require data to run so it leaves your phone with less to operate, and in some instances, you won’t be able to do much.

Another sign could be you’re going through your phone and find an app you don’t recall downloading. Some viruses carry Trojan programs that are disguised as legitimate looking apps. If you come across this delete the app as quickly as you can. And if you cannot, you might have to do a hard reset of your infected devices.

Speaking of apps, their performance can also clue you into the health of your phone. To demonstrate, you could be playing Madden mobile and you’re struggling to get through a game because the app crashes constantly. Sometimes, a poor connection can be the culprit of this but it could also be more malware. 

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Your Social Media Accounts Send Random Messages

It’s a smart practice to check your social media accounts regularly to make sure your posts and messages are, in fact, coming from you. There’s nothing more concerning than accessing your account only to find you’ve flooded your friends and others with spam messages. Not only will that not garner you much sympathy, it’s a telltale sign that your account has been hacked.

In many cases, social media platforms make it easy to report this behavior. Along with notifying them your account has been hacked, it’s important to run a scan on your device with updated anti-virus software. Next, change your password so the intruder cannot get in again. And to make things easier, use a password manager, who’ll create codes that will be harder for hackers to crack.

Malware Solutions Made Easy

Having malware on your device is no picnic, as it can often prohibit you from accessing the files on your infected devices. When this happens, the team at Salvage Data can help. Using state-of-the-art tools, we can recover data from corrupted devices efficiently and securely. Let us help you get back your important files. Contact us today to learn more. 


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