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GoPro SD Card Errors: How to Fix

GoPro SD Card Errors: How to Fix

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GoPro SD card error messages can pop up on the camera’s LCD because of damages detected, incorrectly inserted SD cards, or even incompatibility. There are some steps you can follow to fix the problem and recover your photos or videos. 

Also, there are several actions you can take to prevent GoPro SD card errors from happening in the first place.

Why is your GoPro saying ‘SD Card Error’

  • Damage to the SD card itself. 

This can be caused by physical damage, water damage, or even just normal wear and tear over time. 

  • Incompatible SD cards. 

Make sure that your SD card is compatible with your GoPro camera model before using it. 

  • Incorrect insertion or removal of the SD card from the camera. 

Be gentle when handling your SD cards and make sure they are properly secured in place before use.

Common symptoms of a GoPro SD card error:  

  • During operation, messages such as ‘SD ERR’ or ‘NO SD’ appear on the GoPro’s LCD screen. 
  • Difficulty accessing photos and videos stored on the SD card via the GoPro app or other software.
  • The camera suddenly turns off, resetting itself when attempting to access data. 

What to do after a GoPro SD card error

1. Check if the SD card is inserted properly into the camera. The SD card should fit tightly into the slot, if it’s loose then it will likely cause communication issues with your camera. If you find that the SD card is not inserted correctly, try reinserting it and making sure it fits snugly in the slot before turning on your GoPro again.

2. Try formatting the SD card or using a different one if possible. It’s important to ensure the SD card is compatible with your GoPro model before use. 

3. Try resetting your GoPro camera by pressing the Mode button for 8 seconds. This will restore all settings to their factory defaults (data loss alert), but you may need to reconfigure some settings afterward. 

If the error persists, move to the next solution based on the error cause.

Messages you may see on the GoPro screen:

  • Insufficient SD Card Read/Write Speeds
  • “SD ERR” or “SD ERROR”  message
  • How to fix “NO SD” on GoPro
  • SD Card Not Properly Formatted
  • Faulty GoPro Settings

How to Fix SD card error on GoPro 

There are several causes for a memory card error on GoPro. Look for the most likely solution for your case on the following list.

1. Clean your GoPro memory card

Depending on how you use your GoPro, the SD card can get dust accumulation. 

Clean it with Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Be gentle and make sure you’re not using much alcohol. 

Use a soft towel to wipe the card dry and check if you can remove any dust from the metal contacts.

As soon as the memory card is completely dry, insert it back into your GoPro.

2. Scan memory card errors with the CHKDSK

Insert the SD card into your computer slot and open the Command Prompt.

Type chkdsk D: /f 

Replace D with your SD card drive letter.

Hit Enter and wait for the process to finish. The command will try to fix any error on the card.

3. Update firmware

Outdated firmware can lead to errors in your GoPro.

To fix it, go to the GoPro website and select your camera model. Click to check software and updates and install any firmware you need for your camera.

4. Format the SD card on the GoPro 

To format your SD card using the GoPro you’ll need to follow the steps at the manufacturer’s website

Warning: Formatting your SD card will delete all existing data on it. Don’t proceed unless you have a backup of it.

5. Format the SD card on a computer

When you format the memory card you can select a new configuration for it. The process to format an SD card isn’t too different from formatting an external HDD. Follow the steps and, if you can’t format the SD card, look for possible causes to fix it or contact SalvageData for further assistance.

Warning: Formatting your SD card will delete all existing data on it. Don’t proceed unless you have a backup of it.

Step 1. Insert your memory card into your computer and find it on This Computer.

Step 2. Right-click on the card and select Format.

Step 3. Choose the file format you want and save the configuration.

NTFS is the default file format for Windows and is designed for drives that will be used with Windows computers. 

FAT32 is an older file format that’s compatible with both Windows and macOS. 

exFAT is a newer file format compatible with both Windows and macOS. 

6. Reset the GoPro camera

When you reset your GoPro camera, it will restore to its original settings. This will eliminate incorrect settings and potential problems during its use.

To reset the GoPro, go to the manufacturer’s website and choose your camera model to follow the right steps.

Preventing GoPro SD card errors

The best way to avoid SD card errors on your GoPro is to take steps to protect them from damage or misuse.

Always handle and store SD cards carefully. Make sure they are securely inserted into the camera before use and do not remove them while in operation. 

Use high-quality SD cards that are compatible with your GoPro model. Cheap knock-offs have a higher chance of failing. 

Avoid exposing SD cards to water, extreme temperatures, or direct sunlight. 

If possible, keep a backup of your photos and videos stored on another device such as an external hard drive or online cloud storage service. 

Tl; DR: If you’re experiencing an SD card error on your GoPro camera, it’s important to take the necessary steps to try and resolve the issue. Make sure that you check the SD card is inserted properly into the camera, use a compatible card with your model, and reset or format if needed. With a few simple steps, you can make sure that your GoPro runs smoothly and without any errors.

Contact SalvageData 24/7 for a secure and fast data recovery service if you lost any data during the process.