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Making Better Hard Drives with Helium

Helium is a wonderful element, with many uses that improve our lives outside of making balloons float and creating comedic gold when inhaled. Helium is used to cool the magnets in MRI scanners, act as a protective gas in the […]

2014-01-27T20:47:39+00:0027 Jan 2014|

SalvageData Makes a Family’s Christmas

Just before this past Christmas, we recovered data for a client whose sister-in-law’s hard drive failed. After the holidays, the client sent us a video he shot of his sister-in-law opening the hard drive on Christmas, and needless to say […]

2014-01-23T21:12:33+00:0023 Jan 2014|

The Truth about Solid State Drive Reliability

If you’ve Googled any comparison of hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs), then you’ve probably seen the same analysis in every article. Every one of them will tell you that HDDs give you a ton more space […]

2018-03-14T10:21:55+00:002 Jan 2014|

IBM 350 – The World’s First Hard Drive

Every major piece of technology has a beginning. Whether it was instantly adopted, took time to be accepted, or served as the basis of the idea that did catch on, most of the kinds of products you use began as […]

2013-12-31T21:18:39+00:0031 Dec 2013|

How Much Data Do We Create?

Short answer: a lot.

Long answer: The world’s data GDP, according to research firm IDC, was an estimated 2.8 billion terabytes last year. If you stored the entire world’s yearly data output on 1 inch thick 4 TB hard drives, and […]

2013-12-12T21:26:07+00:0012 Dec 2013|

6 Ways You’re Melting Your Hard Drive

Every hard drive will eventually die given enough time, but just like with people, many go before their time. One of the most common ways hard drives die prematurely is that the device they’re inside of suffers from overheating. Here’s […]

2013-12-10T21:29:27+00:0010 Dec 2013|

Tour Our New Site!

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was not a management guru, but his advice on the importance of the customer is something that all managers should heed. When customers do not deal with a […]

2012-07-24T21:43:42+00:0024 Jul 2012|