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What to Look for in the Best Data Recovery Companies

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When you lose files, the situation is already frustrating enough without the added stress of having to find a reputable recovery company. To this end, we want to take some of the work out of this by showing which traits to look for in the best data recovery companies and why SALVAGEDATA fits this bill perfectly.

Expertise in the Recovery Industry

One commonality the best data recovery firms share is they employ experts who’ve recovered files from a wide variety of storage devices. This can include databases, virtual drives, hard drives, mobile phones, and Raid arrays.

In addition to the expertise, the firm should be able to show you its track record of success in recovering files for clients. SALVAGEDATA checks all these boxes, as we employ the best recovery specialists in the industry and our 96% success rate in recovering files for clients is reflective of our expertise.

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Expansive Recovery Solutions

Each data recovery case can be unique in that a personal user might be able to wait a few weeks for recovery whereas a business needs their files back immediately. With this in mind, examine the provider to determine what type of services they offer you. To demonstrate:

  • Do they have remote recovery options?
  • Do they have the software you can download to retrieve missing files?
  • Can they visit you onsite to recoup data?

SALVAGEDATA is proud to offer all three of these services. In addition, with email exchange and database failures, our recovery specialists can walk you through the recovery process, so it only takes hours not days to retrieve files.

A Reputation You Can Trust

A good benchmark for examining a company’s reputation is who they develop their partnerships with and what other industry peers say about them.

On this end, SALVAGEDATA earned the number one rating for data recovery companies five years in a row. Furthermore, our success has earned us partnerships with government agencies, companies of all sizes, and personal users. We’ve also earned accolades from industry peers for being the most reliable file repair company.

Therefore, when you lose access to files, trust the best to make the restoration happen. SALVAGEDATA will be delighted to inspect your device for free and provide an action plan before beginning work.

And if you choose our services, rest assured you’re working with the best data recovery lab in the industry. Contact us today to begin your case!