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UnblockUPC Ransomware Data Recovery

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UnblockUPC Ransomware was first discovered in May 2017. The ransomware was designed to target computer systems running the Windows operating system.


UnblockUPC is a file-encrypting ransomware variant that uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt files on the infected computer. This ransomware will append the “.unblocked” extension to encrypted files.

What files does it encrypt?

UnblockUPC will encrypt common file types such as:


– .docx

– .xlsx

– .pptx

– .jpg

– .png

– .mp4

– .avi

But these are the most common file types that will be targeted. UnblockUPC may also encrypt other types of files.

How does UnblockUPC spread?

UnblockUPC Ransomware is spread through email attachments, malicious websites, and drive-by downloads. UnblockUPC Ransomware can also spread through exploits kits such as the Angler Exploit Kit.

Why UnblockUPC is dangerous?

It is a dangerous ransomware variant that can cause serious financial damage to individuals and businesses. UnblockUPC will encrypt files on the infected computer and demand a ransom payment in order to decrypt the files. Also, UnblockUPC is capable of stealing sensitive information from the infected computer.

Ransom demand

This ransomware will display a ransom note on the infected computer that demands payment of 2 Bitcoin to decrypt the files. The ransomware also threatens to delete the private key if the ransom is not paid within 7 days.

But, remember that the price may vary depending on the victim, as well as how much data was encrypted. There were reports that some victims were asked to pay as much as 4 BTC.

How to avoid UnblockUPC?

Be careful when opening email attachments and avoid clicking on links in email messages from unknown senders. UnblockUPC Ransomware can also be avoided by using a reputable antivirus program and keeping your operating system and software up-to-date. But the main defense against UnblockUPC is a reliable backup. Also, you should pay attention to passwords – use only complex and unique passwords for email accounts and social networks.

How to remove UnblockUPC?

It can be removed with a reputable antivirus program. Also, it can be removed manually, but this is a risky process that should only be attempted by experienced computer users.

How to decrypt UnblockUPC encrypted files?

There is no guaranteed way to decrypt UnblockUPC encrypted files. However, you can try using a reputable data recovery program.

SalvageData data recovery software is a powerful data recovery program that can help you recover encrypted files. SalvageData software is available for a free trial.


You can also try using a backup if you have one.

Public decryption tool

At the moment, there is no public decryption tool available for UnblockUPC Ransomware.

Pay attention, that there are many fake decryption tools available online. Do not download or use any of these fake decryption tools as they may infect your computer with malware.


If you have been infected with UnblockUPC Ransomware, we recommend that you follow the instructions in this guide to remove the ransomware and try to decrypt your files. Do not pay the ransom! Because victims who pay the ransom do not always get their files back.

Please note that some of the UnblockUPC variants may be impossible to decrypt. In this case, you should focus on restoring your files from a backup.


Or contact a data recovery service for help.

SalvageData Recovery Services

If you cannot remove UnblockUPC or decrypt your files, we recommend that you contact a professional data recovery service.


SalvageData Recovery is a professional data recovery service that can help you recover UnblockUPC encrypted files. SalvageData has a proven track record of recovering files from ransomware infections.


Our success rate is among the highest in the data recovery industry, and our prices are very competitive.


We understand the frustration of being the victim of a ransomware attack. That’s why we offer a free consultation to all victims of ransomware. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-972-3282 to speak to a SalvageData data recovery specialist or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.



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