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TrumpLocker Ransomware Data Recovery

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TrumpLocker is a new ransomware that has been created by a group known as the Trump Security Team. This ransomware is still in development, but it is believed to be based on CryptXXX Ransomware. TrumpLocker encrypts the user’s files using AES encryption.


At this time, it is not known how this ransomware is being distributed. However, Trump Security Team has been active on Twitter since early February 2017 and they have been tweeting links to various Trump-related websites. It is possible that TrumpLocker is being distributed through these links.


After TrumpLocker encrypts the user’s files, it will append the “.locked” extension to the encrypted files. For example, a file named “sample.jpg” would be renamed to “sample.jpg.locked”. TrumpLocker Ransomware will also create a ransom note named “DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.txt” which contains instructions on how to make the payment and decrypt the files.


Ransom Amount: TrumpLocker is currently in development and the ransom amount has not been set. However, it is believed that the Trump Security Team will demand a large ransom for the decryption of the files.


Payment Method: this malware is still in development and the payment method has not been set. However, it is believed that Trump Security Team will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.


Paying the ransom will not guarantee that TrumpLocker Ransomware will decrypt the files. Trump Security Team could choose to keep the ransom and not provide a decryption key. Trump Security Team could also provide a decryption key that does not work. There have been no reports of TrumpLocker Ransomware being decryptable at this time.


TrumpLocker Ransomware prevention: You should always have a backup of your files. This will help you to recover your files if you are ever infected with TrumpLocker Ransomware or any other type of ransomware. You should always be careful when clicking on links from untrustworthy sources. Also, you should always scan email attachments with antivirus software before opening them. Always use an up-to-date antivirus program and keep it running in the background to protect your computer from TrumpLocker Ransomware and other malware. Strong passwords can also help to protect your computer from this ransomware. Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts.


Public decryption tool: TrumpLocker Ransomware is still in development and there are no public decryption tools available at this time.


TrumpLocker Ransomware removal: If you are infected with TrumpLocker Ransomware, you should remove it immediately. To remove TrumpLocker Ransomware, you can use an anti-malware program such as Malwarebytes or HitmanPro.

The way to remove TrumpLocker Ransomware is to delete the encrypted files. However, you should not delete the encrypted files until you have tried all other methods of recovery.

Once the TrumpLocker Ransomware is removed, you can then try to recover your files from a backup.


If you do not have a backup of your files, you can try to use file recovery software.

SalvageData data recovery software is a good option for TrumpLocker Ransomware file recovery.

Contact a data recovery service

If you cannot remove TrumpLocker Ransomware or you cannot recover your files, you can contact a data recovery service.

SalvageData has TrumpLocker Ransomware removal specialists standing by 24/7 to help you with your TrumpLocker Ransomware situation.

We offer a free TrumpLocker Ransomware consultation to help you determine the best course of action for your particular situation.

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