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The Truth about “Free” Data Recovery Software

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Searching the internet for free data recovery software leaves you with a bombardment of lists and articles claiming to offer completely free, no catch, no strings attached, perfection. Free may be true, but what’s in the fine print? As a consumer, you should understand exactly what capability/functionality the software has, how much data you’re able to recover and download, and if there are better options for solving the problem.

Note: Recovery software is NOT useful when you get a blue or blank screen, when you have water or fire damage, or when your external drive crashesThese incidents require a professional data recovery service.

Don’t Waste Your Money on “Pro” Versions

This is not true for all software, but recovery software pricing is often misleading. Many companies offer free software for recovering very small amounts of data, then charge incrementally into the hundreds of dollars for retrieving more. For example, a company’s pricing model might look like this:

Free: Recovery for up to 50 GB of data

Premium – $39.99: Recovery for up to 500 GB

Pro – $59.99: Unlimited data recovery (lifetime access)

While there may be some truth in their claims, it’s important to understand that data recovery software can only solve a select few issues related to your storage device:

Can you use software to fix it?

Common problems with hard drives, recovery software

If your hard drive is clicking, grinding, beeping or making strange noises, turn your device off like you would normally, then contact us. There is likely a mechanical problem that requires a professional recovery service.

SALVAGEDATA currently offers a Windows data recovery software, free to the public. Yes, it’s completely free. No, there is no paid/pro version. You get it all, free. This piece of software is simple to use, efficient and great for troubleshooting lost or deleted files.

How to locate SALVAGEDATA windows recovery software

This type of software has the ability to search the whole contents of the storage device, find old versions of files and repair or piece parts back together into a recognizable form.

With over 20 years of experience in data recovery, there’s a clear reason SALVAGEDATA is able to recover data other companies cannot. We salvage the unrecoverable!