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What is Kostya Ransomware?

Kostya is a type of malicious software that encrypts your files and demands a ransom payment in exchange for the decryption key.


Kostya was first discovered in December 2016 by security researchers. It is a variant of the Locky Ransomware, which was first seen in February 2016.

How does Kostya Ransomware work?

This ransomware arrives on your computer via email attachments or malicious links. Once it has encrypted your files, it will display a ransom note demanding that you pay a certain amount of money in exchange for the decryption key.

What encryption algorithm does Kostya use?

Kostya Ransomware uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your files. This is a strong encryption algorithm that makes it very difficult to decrypt your files without the decryption key.

What types of files does it encrypt?

Kostya will encrypt a wide variety of file types, including documents, spreadsheets, images, and more.

How much does Kostya Ransomware cost?

The price of Kostya Ransomware varies depending on the victim, but it typically ranges from $200 to $10,000.

Should you pay the ransom?

Paying the ransom is not recommended, as there is no guarantee that you will receive the decryption key. Additionally, by paying the ransom, you are supporting the Kostya Ransomware operation and encouraging them to continue their malicious activities.

What was the biggest Kostya Ransomware attack?

In December 2016, attackers used this ransomware in a massive email spam campaign that targeted users all over the world. This campaign resulted in over 23,000 infections in just 24 hours.


To avoid Kostya Ransomware in the future, you should install and maintain a good antivirus program. Additionally, you should avoid opening email attachments from unknown senders, and be cautious when clicking on links in emails.

How to remove Kostya Ransomware?

To remove it from your computer, you can use a reputable anti-malware program, such as Malwarebytes.

How to restore Kostya Ransomware encoded files?

Your best option is to restore your files from a backup.

If you do not have a backup, then you may try using a file recovery program to recover some of your files. We built SalvageData data recovery software to help you.

Is there a public decryption tool?

No, there is no public decryption tool available for Kostya ransomware.

SalvageData Recovery Services

SalvageData is a professional data recovery company that can help you recover your encrypted files. We have a team of experts who are experienced in dealing with Kostya and other types of malware. Contact us today to see how we can help you.



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