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HyperX SSD Data Recovery

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HyperX SSD Data Recovery

Technology is known to evolve, and storage media flows with it. In the very first days, the largest external storage media was a floppy drive. Currently, we have advanced storage media called SSDs. Unlike the conventional hard disk drives, SSDs are not created using magnetic disk platters. Instead, innovators found a way to use flash memory chips to store more significant amounts of data. As such, the SSDs lose some of the inherent problems regular hard drives have such as slow read/write speeds and damage by magnetic fields.

In the gaming field, performance is key; starting from the gaming rig itself to the hard drive. Since games have highly intensive graphics and are resource hungry, there was a need to create a drive that could facilitate a smooth un-interrupted gameplay. This is what gave rise to the HyperX gaming drives. Two of the most popular HyperX drives today are the Savage SATA SSD and the Predator PCIE SSD. These drives specialize in lightning fast read-write speeds and reliable, stable performance over time. However, like any tech gadget, these drives also fail for a variety of reasons. So, let’s find out how to proceed after this unfortunate instance.

Is HyperX SSD Data Recovery Possible?
hyperx ssd data recoveryIn as much as these drives have been designed differently, they do fail from time to time. When you have valuable data stored on the drive, you will want to find out whether you can recover that data. Solid state drives are equipped with TRIM technology. This technology is meant to maintain the drive’s high performance over time since as mentioned before, they use flash memory chips. When you initiate a delete or format command, TRIM ensures that both the index file and the corresponding data are purged from the drive entirely. Incoming data will find clean unoccupied space to write, thus the fast read-write speeds in SSDs. As such, recovering data from a drive with TRIM enabled can be quite a daunting task. However, if the drive was attached as an external media or you have multiple drives connected, the recovery process will be easier.

Causes of data loss

HyperX solid state drives can lose data in a variety of ways. HyperX SSD file recovery can sometimes be a DIY operation, while sometimes you need to involve SSD data recovery professionals. Here are some causes of HyperX SSD data loss and what you can do in each instance.

hyperx ssd data recovery • Virus attacks

Data loss in HyperX SSDs can be from attacks by malware that at times triggers deletion of data. Recovering data lost in this manner can be a DIY project if you have the correct data recovery software. If you are unsure, consulting a professional data recovery expert might be the best thing for you.

hyperx ssd data recovery
• Formatting and accidental deletion

Regarding data loss due to human error, these are at the top of the list. Unintentional formatting and deletion can mean losses of vast chunks of data. Recovering these files can be done using a data recovery software or by a professional. If the data is highly sensitive or crucial, your best bet is with a HyperX SSD file recovery specialist.

hyperx ssd data recovery• Physical damage

In as much as the HyperX SSDs are made using the best materials for longevity and performance, they are not impervious to physical damage. Any data recovery efforts must be made by a professional in such an event. Physical damage needs specialized attention because it is likely some parts need replacement and soldering before any recovery attempts. Data recovery done by a professional minimizes further damage, hence a higher chance of recovery.

For the best results, a certified HyperX SSD data recovery firm such as SalvageData should be your first call. They not only use the latest effective data recovery technologies, but they also ensure no further damage comes to your data. What’s more, they are professionally qualified with over five years of experience, and with entirely fair rates.