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FlawedAmmyy Rat Becomes One of the Most Potent Malware Threats

FlawedAmmyy Rat Becomes One of the Most Potent Malware Threats

Each month, Check Point releases its 10 most potent malware threats. And for the first time ever, it announced that a remote access Trojan (also known as a RAT) cracked their Top 10 list. The name of this malware is FlawedAmmyy.

Meet FlawedAmmyy

What makes this attack so potent is the hackers’ ability to access everything remotely. How it works, according to ZDNet is its built on top of the source code of leaked Ammyy Admin remote software.

Once a user unintentionally downloads it via a file transfer or email attachment, it provides thieves backdoor access to the victim’s computer. From there, they control the microphone, camera, as well as have full access to everything you do.

This might involve stealing login credentials when visiting financial websites, creating target lists of people who you contact regularly, and more. “While we have detected several campaigns distributing the FlawedAmmyy RAT in recent months, the latest campaign was easily the largest in terms of widespread impact,” remarked Checkpoint’s threat intelligence manager Maya Horowitz to ZDNet.

Trends Show Cryptomining Ransomware Remains Biggest Threat

Check Point’s list revealed that of the Top 10 threats, cryptomining continues to be the biggest influencer. Two of the most dangerous risks involve Coinhive and Cryptoloot. Cryptoloot, in particular, grows as a threat due to its ability to use existing resources for cryptomining, and it requests a smaller percentage of revenue relative to other threats, according to Check Point.

Along with its Top 10 List, Check Point released its three biggest mobile threats for the last month. They are Triada, Lokibot, and Hiddad. Of note is Lokibot. This Trojan gathers data then allows the attacker to lock a victim’s device until they pay a ransom.

Security Tips

Knowing the latest threat trends helps you to understand where and how thieves attack devices. Armed with this information, it assists you in creating a proactive plan. As part of this plan:

Update all software on your devices since they might include patches that fix security vulnerabilities.

Refrain from downloading attachments or apps from unknown sources, third-party marketplaces, and most important from your email.

Download anti-virus and antimalware software and update each regularly.

Create an offline backup so if your files become stolen, you have access to them.

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