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Blocatto Ransomware Data Recovery

Alexander Ivanov

Alexander Ivanov

Alexander is a very creative and smart author of many tech posts related to the data recovery algorithms and processes.


Alexander Ivanov

Alexander Ivanov

Alexander is a very creative and smart author of many tech posts related to the data recovery algorithms and processes.


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What is Blocatto Ransomware?

Blocatto Ransomware is a new type of ransomware that has been created to target businesses and organizations. This ransomware is different from other types of ransomware in that it does not encrypt files on the infected computer. Instead, Blocatto Ransomware will block access to websites and applications, such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. It will display a message that demands a ransom be paid to regain access. The ransom amount is currently unknown, but we believe it to be in the range of $500-$1000.

This ransomware is currently being distributed through phishing emails that contain malicious attachments. Once the attachment is opened, the Blocatto Ransomware will be installed on the computer.


We believe Blocatto Ransomware to be the work of a group of Russian hackers. Blocatto Ransomware was first discovered by malware researcher, Michael Gillespie. The biggest Blocatto Ransomware attack was in the city of  Blagoveshchensk, Russia on May 12th, 2017. This attack affected over 1,000 computers in the city.

What should you do if it infected you with Blocatto Ransomware?

If it infected you with Blocatto Ransomware, the first thing you should do is disconnect your computer from the internet. This will prevent the ransomware from encrypting your files or spreading to other computers on your network.

You should then scan your computer with a reputable anti-malware program to remove the ransomware. Once your computer is clean, you can then reconnect to the internet and change any passwords that may have been compromised.

If you have a backup of your files, you can restore them from the backup. If you do not have a backup, you may be able to use a data recovery program to recover your files. However, data recovery programs are not always successful and you may not be able to recover all of your files.

We do not recommend paying the ransom, as you will only be encouraging the attackers to continue their campaign. And there is no guarantee that you will get your files back even if you do pay the ransom.

Is there a public decryption tool available for Blocatto Ransomware?

At this time, there is no public decryption tool available for Blocatto Ransomware.

What should I do to prevent Blocatto Ransomware infection?

To prevent Blocatto Ransomware infection, you should exercise caution when opening emails and attachments from unknown senders. You should also install a reputable anti-malware program and keep it up-to-date.

Consult with a data recovery expert

If you have any questions about Blocatto Ransomware or need help removing it from your computer, feel free to contact SALVAGEDATA at any time. We offer a free initial and comprehensive assessment to determine possible solutions for you. So get in touch right away!

Summary: Blocatto Ransomware is a serious threat to businesses and organizations. If it infected you with this ransomware, it is important to immediately contact a professional to help you remove it from your computer.



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