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Founded in 2003, SalvageData provides ransomware removal and data recovery services worldwide from our headquarters in Cleveland, OH. Utilizing our own technology and experimenting with quantum computing, our experts work to identify attack vectors, secure environments, break encryption, and remediate servers and workstations affected by ransomware. SalvageData's mission is to restore normalcy to businesses affected by ransomware as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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What is Included in an Incident Response

Every organization is different and needs cybersecurity tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that are unique to their systems and data - this is why SalvageData offers a customized IRR service for each retained partner. We make sure every agreement includes the following:

Customized Retainer & SLA

SalvageData offers personalized incident response retainers and service level agreements for a more tailored and effective response to cybersecurity incidents and cyber threats.

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24/7 Guaranteed Response

By offering round-the-clock incident response, we can help organizations minimize financial and reputational damage, while also maintaining their ability to operate during and after an incident.

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Triage & Assessment

As soon as you notify our team, we work quickly to evaluate the incident, deploying TTPs that minimize the damage, reduce recovery time and costs, and preserve evidence for future forensic analysis.

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Ransomware Removal & Other Contingent Services

Recovering quickly from a ransomware attack is no simple matter. If your clients need extra help that will work alongside their in-house team, SalvageData’s experts can assist with professionalism and speed. Or, if they prefer, we are qualified and able to provide these services independently.

24/7 incident response retainer services

Data carving & ransomware removal

  • Over 50% success rate in avoiding the ransom
  • Research & development of in-house decryptor keys
  • Restore corrupted data after decryption

Cyber extortion negotiation

  • FinCen and OFAC compliance program
  • Ransom reduction by 70% to 99%
  • Assistance in cryptocurrency settlement

Forensic Investigation

  • Expert can be deployed in person within 24h
  • Identification of the attack vector
  • Immediate evidence-handling protocols

Environment and Network Remediation

  • Dedicated manager to develop a remediation plan
  • Restore systems & improve security
  • Immediate evidence-handling protocols
In more than 50% of cases, we are able to reverse-engineer encryption and remove malware, eliminating the need to pay a ransom. However, if paying a ransom is unavoidable, SalvageData has a compliance program with FinCEN and OFAC that allows us to legally negotiate with the attackers to obtain a secure decryptor, which is tested before any payment is made. SalvageData offers 24/7/365 support to assist clients who require ransomware recovery services.
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Why SalvageData?

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While ransomware attacks are only one facet to consider in cybersecurity, the way it is handled can be detrimental to the future of any business. Worse still, ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common and are considered one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity threats, with new advancements and sophisticated methods being used to spread malware.
Reduce downtime, reduce data loss, and reduce the ransom. Count on SalvageData’s team to recover from a ransomware attack.


Everything you need to know about our IRR and cyber incident response services.

An incident response retainer service, such as SalvageData’s, is an agreement between an organization and a cybersecurity firm to provide immediate assistance in the event of a security breach or incident. The service typically provides assurance that the cybersecurity firm guarantees to be available to provide support on a 24/7 basis, with the goal of minimizing the impact of the incident and limiting the damage to the organization.

SalvageData’s flexible incident response retainer can include services such as threat analysis and intelligence, tabletop exercises, incident response planning and consulting, forensic analysis, and notification guidance. However, our most important work is our specialization on remediation and recovery support, which makes faster turnaround times and higher recovery rates possible.

You can contact SalvageData 24/7 for immediate assistance.

SalvageData’s incident response retainer can benefit your organization by providing ready access to our expert cybersecurity resources when needed. The no-cost retainer can guarantee a response with a fixed SLA, allowing the organization to mitigate the damage caused by a cyber incident before it can escalate further. Additionally, our retainer can also help organizations meet compliance regulations, establish security governance, and identify gaps in their security program.

When a cyber-incident occurs, the organization can contact its cybersecurity retainer team to trigger the incident response plan. The incident response process typically involves containment, eradication, and recovery. Containment involves isolating the affected system to prevent further damage. Eradication involves removing the malware or ransomware to prevent damage to other systems. Recovery involves restoring the affected system back to operation.

The initial step in organizing an incident response retainer service is to evaluate the organization’s security needs. Smaller businesses are often not targets of known threat actors, however, the cost of recovering from a ransomware attack combined with the increase of attacks worldwide, means that every precaution needs to be taken.

You can take advantage of SalvageData’s No-cost retainer, which requires no upfront payment and gives you peace of mind that we’ll be there to help if and when a cyber threat occurs. Count on our experience, response time, expertise, and support level when you need it the most.

There are different types of incident response retainers, each with its own advantages and limitations. A full retainer provides continuous coverage and support and is suitable for organizations with high risk, while partial retainers are suitable for organizations that do not require constant support. Incident-based retainers are more suitable for organizations that need support for specific incidents, while managed service plans act as a comprehensive security solution that comprises multiple cybersecurity services. These two can also be established as no-cost or prepaid agreements, depending on the level of ongoing support required. It is important to discuss the right type of retainer with a qualified cyber security expert who can provide you with the most appropriate advice.

Incident response retainers can enhance security by providing organizations with rapid access to expert support and resources in the event of a security incident. Proactive management and threat intelligence services can help organizations minimize the risk of a cyber-attack, while notification guidance can assist with legal obligations.

Yes, it is also important to have an up-to-date Incident Response Plan, which can be created alongside SalvageData experts. An effective Incident Response Plan should include communication policies, incident response roles and responsibilities, data collection procedures, forensic analysis processes, and a system to track incident progress. Additionally, training exercises can help employees identify potential security threats and respond in an appropriate manner. Finally, regular reviews of the plan and its implementation are strongly recommended in order to ensure that the organization’s systems and data are secured.

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