Process Overview2019-07-23T15:29:26-05:00

1. Submit a case with details about your device

2. Receive a free comprehensive evaluation and quote

3. Accept the recovery services

4. Receive your data

Will I receive a list of the files recovered?2019-07-23T15:22:48-05:00

Yes. Before making a payment, you will be able to view and approve a list of the files we were able to recover.

What is data recovery?2019-07-23T15:18:07-05:00

Data recovery is the process of salvaging data that has been corrupted, lost, deleted, or deemed inaccessible by the user. When recovering data, the recovery is often focused on operating system failure, storage malfunctions, and inaccessible file usage. Recovery is needed when a device suffers from a physical, logical, or firmware related failure.

Why is there no power and the hard drive is not spinning?2019-07-23T15:09:16-05:00

This issue could be an electrical issue due to a power surge or faulty power supply. Depending on how urgent files are needed, searching for backup file information is your best temporary fix while your device is being worked on.  If files are not backed up, that does not mean the information is gone for good.

Why is the hard drive not found?2019-07-23T15:07:22-05:00

This could be due to a problem with the BIOS settings, a physical hard drive issue, or a connection failure. If the drive is removed and inserted into a different computer but is unable to work properly, you should contact a data recovery professional immediately.

How often is a recovery successful?2019-07-23T15:02:41-05:00

SALVAGEDATA prides itself on maintaining a 96% successful recovery rate on hard drives.

What is a hard drive crash?2019-07-23T15:01:40-05:00

When a hard drive physically stops working, that is the crash. When this happens, a drive can fail to boot, respond slowly, or not power on at all. A computer not turning on is a sign that the hard drive could have crashed.

How do I get my data back from you?2019-07-23T14:59:57-05:00

Depending on the capacity of recovered data, we will either send it on a brand new external media or via download. Data downloads are limited to 50 GB for economy service, 100 GB for expedited, and 500 GB for an emergency.

How much does hard drive data recovery cost?2019-07-23T14:54:24-05:00

It varies – but in general, hard drive recovery costs $300-$1000 for more minor fixes and $1100-$1900 for more major incidents such as disk crashes or water damage.

Do you offer free data recovery software?2019-07-23T14:50:59-05:00

Yes, you can download it here. NOTE: If your hard drive is clicking, beeping or unresponsive, call us before trying to fix it, you could lose your data!

What causes a hard drive to fail?2019-07-23T14:49:59-05:00

Hard drive failures can be caused by human errors, a mechanical failure from natural wear and aging, excessive heat, improper ventilation, power surge or a manufacturer defect, just to name the basics. A physical issue with the drive such as hard drive crash, water/heat damage will require a professional recovery service to salvage your data.

What types of storage devices can you recover data from?2019-07-23T14:46:03-05:00

We recover data from hard drives, flash drives, RAID, NAS/SAN, virtual servers, memory cards, SSD and tapes.

Toshiba, Samsung, Maxtor, Fujitsu, SanDisk, Kingston, Hitachi, Lexar, PNY, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Western Digital and Seagate are just some of the more common hard drive brands that come through our doors. Any size or shape, we can salvage your data from it.

How long does it take to recover my data?2019-07-23T13:28:07-05:00

Great question. This varies depending on the complexity of the recovery and how busy we are. Regular data recovery service will generally take about 10 business days. We also offer emergency and expedited recovery.

Why are clicking, beeping, or grinding noises heard?2019-07-23T10:55:09-05:00

Irregular noises such as these coming from your hard drive are not a good sign. You should turn off your device in a logical manner to prevent any further damage, then contact us.

Why are error messages seen when accessing, saving, or deleting files?2019-07-23T10:51:14-05:00

Error messages are often an indication there is a logical error with your hard drive. On occasion, this can be fixed using data recovery software.

Where are you located?2019-07-22T15:16:57-05:00

SALVAGEDATA is located all across the country but our are headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio. To find out your nearest drop off location please click here.

Can I get an estimate?2019-07-22T15:14:59-05:00

Yes, everyone receives an estimate. To best determine how much your recovery will be, your device will need to be analyzed in the lab beforehand. Please go to https://www.salvagedata.com/request-help/.

Is a cleanroom used to work on hard drives?2019-07-19T14:02:11-05:00

Yes. When the recovery requires our technicians to physically open the hard drive, we use our certified ISO-5 cleanroom.

Is there a cancellation fee?2019-07-19T12:36:08-05:00

A client may request to cancel the service project at any point before the recovery is accepted. If the customer has already approved service based on the quote provided by SALVAGEDATA Recovery and provided a credit card, a cancellation fee equal or the greater of either $200 or 20% of the quoted service fee will apply.

How do I know my data will be kept private?2019-04-05T09:29:45-05:00

Our SSAE 16 SOC3 TYPE III certification is paired with a strict chain-of-command protocol for all data. This means your data is safe, secure and paid great attention to.

What does an unresponsive, blue or blank screen indicate?2019-04-05T08:27:38-05:00

Typically a hard drive failure. Your system could be struggling for a variety of reasons, but it is likely due to a mechanical or logical error in your hard drive.

What if my data is unrecoverable?2019-04-04T14:14:55-05:00

In the event that a device is found to be unrecoverable, there will be an option to have the device securely disposed of or returned by mail. The client will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

Does the price change based on how much data I want recovered?2019-04-03T15:32:22-05:00

No. The amount of data being recovered does not impact price. The price reflects parts needed and labor to recover data.




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