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Can RAID 10 be recovered?

RAID 10 level is the best configuration where improved redundancy and performance are needed. In order to apply the striping and mirroring data distribution techniques, at least four disks are required.
To determine if the data is recoverable, you first need to determine which drives failed. Most RAID 10 setups can only withstand one drive failure in each mirrored pair of disk drives (this varies with the number of total disks), and more than that you risk total data loss. Call our data recovery advisor now for a free evaluation on all you disks.

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Whereas RAID 10 system provides increased reliability and performance, it can still be exposed to physical damage and other failures that may lead to significant risks for your data. It is thus important to know what measures should be taken to prevent further corruption and loss of data in case something goes wrong. If your RAID 10 is behaving strangely, make sure to follow these three steps to prevent the situation from getting worse:


Determine the failure level by checking your RAID drives’ status. Verify if there is RAID or SERVER FAILURE and whether it needs to be shut down.


If possible, shut down the storage device or cancel any rebuilds if they weren’t properly setup. To clarify, the proper setup for rebuild is A) Data is backed up. B) RAID was in degraded mode with minimum amount of disks present and operational. C) failed member(s) are correctly replaced and verified to be same capacity devices.


A data recovery advisor can further help navigate the situation with our engineers to determine the if we have to do remote, on-site, or in-lab recovery depending on scenario. A quick call with us may prevent a very expensive and lengthy downtime.

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We know firsthand how severe the consequences of unforseen data loss can be for a business - or how heartbreaking it is for personal data loss. Strong background in data recovery practice, coupled with the state-of-the-art facilities and certified ISO-5 cleanroom, is the reason we are not afraid to take on the most challenging and hopeless cases.
With convenient locations across the country and authorized by all major manufacturers, accessing professional data recovery by SalvageData is simple:

Our process

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Call us 24/7 or fill out our quick form to start your case. Our highly qualified engineers are able to quickly and accurately identify the problem and choose the best approach to retrieve files that will be most effective in your specific case.


You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label and shipping instructions to send your media over our lab. Rest assured that we’ll employ all of our technical capability and almost years of data recovery experience to solve the issue of any kind of storage device and bring your data back.

Review Results

In order to offer our customers the best experience and make the recovery procedure as convenient and transparent as possible, we provide a list of recovered items for your review as soon as the process of retrieving the files is completed.


The final cost is based on the complexity of the recovery (logical errors are usually cheaper than mechanical failures) and according to the chosen service option.

Receive data back

The retrieved files can either be transferred along with your own device, depending on its condition or by downloading the data onto a new device, all via safe shipping. If size allows it, we can simply send the files over digitally.

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Since 2003, SalvageData has been pioneering in data recovery industry and has been the first to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

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Get your data recovered in a ISO-certified laboratory and highly-rated professionals with years of experience in secure data recovery.

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It’s simple: on the unlikely chance that the data is unrecoverable, there’s no charge for our data recovery attempt.

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Get an expert evaluation to find out exactly what’s the issue is with your device and determine the complexity of the recovery.

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We offer a range of turnaround times that you can choose from so you can get your data recovered as fast as you need it.

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Count on our 24/7 emergency RAID recovery options. Call now to speak with a data recovery advisor and get your data recovered ASAP.

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With 40+ convenient locations located across North America, our data recovery experts are near and ready to help. Contact us or submit a case today to learn more about how we can help resolve your data recovery needs.

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Annual SSAE 16 Type III SOC and internal HIPAA compliance audits to assure complete confidentiality with a wide range of security & confidentiality standards.

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Answers, insights, and FAQ

How do I get my data back from you? 2019-07-23T14:59:57-05:00

Depending on the volume of data recovered from your RAID 10 system, we can either relocate it to a new external media, or send via download. Data download limits are 50 GB for economy service, 100 GB for expedited, and 500 GB for an emergency.

How do I know my data will be kept private? 2019-04-05T09:29:45-05:00

Our We take the privacy of our customers' data seriously, we employ SSAE 16 SOC3 TYPE III certification together with a strict chain-of-command protocol. This way, your data is kept safe and well-protected.

Will I receive a list of the files recovered? 2019-07-23T15:22:48-05:00

Yes. You will have the opportunity to review and approve the list of data we managed to recover before making a payment.

Process Overview 2019-07-23T15:29:26-05:00

1. Submit a case providing detailed info on your RAID 10 array

2. Get a cost-free comprehensive assessment and quote

3. Approve the recovery results

4. Receive your data back

Is a cleanroom used to work on RAID 10 systems? 2019-07-19T14:02:11-05:00

Yes. When the recovery requires our technicians to physically open the hard drive, we use our certified ISO-5 cleanroom.

How often is a recovery successful? 2019-07-23T15:02:41-05:00

Being one of the most trusted names in the industry, SALVAGEDATA takes pride in a 96% success rate on RAID 10 systems recovery.

What if my data is unrecoverable? 2019-04-04T14:14:55-05:00

In case we confirm that your array is impossible to recover, you will be given a choice of either safely disposing of the device, or getting it returned by mail. The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.

Does the price change based on how much data I want recovered? 2019-04-03T15:32:22-05:00

No. The amount of data being recovered does not impact price. The price reflects parts needed and labor to recover data.

Is there a cancellation fee? 2019-07-19T12:36:08-05:00

A client may request to cancel the service project at any point before the recovery is accepted. If the customer has already approved service based on the quote provided by SALVAGEDATA Recovery and provided a credit card, a cancellation fee equal or the greater of either $200 or 20% of the quoted service fee will apply.

How much does hard drive data recovery cost? 2019-07-23T14:54:24-05:00

It varies – but in general, hard drive recovery costs $300-$1000 for more minor fixes and $1100-$1900 for more major incidents such as disk crashes or water damage.

Can I get an estimate? 2019-09-01T03:07:22-05:00

Yes, everyone receives an estimate. To best determine how much your recovery will be, your device will need to be analyzed in the lab beforehand. Please go to

Where are you located? 2020-08-25T10:45:13-05:00

SALVAGEDATA is located all across the country but our headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio. To find out your nearest drop off location please click here.

Typically a hard drive failure. Your system could be struggling for a variety of reasons, but it is likely due to a mechanical or logical error in your hard drive.

This issue could be an electrical issue due to a power surge or faulty power supply. Depending on how urgent files are needed, searching for backup file information is your best temporary fix while your device is being worked on. If files are not backed up, that does not mean the information is gone for good.

Irregular noises such as these coming from your hard drive are not a good sign. You should turn off your device in a logical manner to prevent any further damage, then contact us.

Error messages are often an indication there is a logical error with your hard drive. On occasion, this can be fixed using data recovery software.

This could be due to a problem with the BIOS settings, a physical hard drive issue, or a connection failure. If the drive is removed and inserted into a different computer but is unable to work properly, you should contact a data recovery professional immediately.

When a hard drive physically stops working, that is the crash. When this happens, a drive can fail to boot, respond slowly, or not power on at all. A computer not turning on is a sign that the hard drive could have crashed.

Pricing guide

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  • Deleted data
  • Corrupt sectors
  • Quickly formatted
  • Slow Reading
  • Missing Files
  • Blue or Black Screen
  • Blinking Light

$500−1 000

  • Power surge
  • Controller chip failure
  • Degraded surface
  • Slow Reading
  • Clicking Hard Drive
  • Beeping or Buzzing HDD
  • Dropped Hard Drive
  • Hard Drive Not Found
  • No Power
  • Blinking Light

$700−1 400

  • Spindle seizure
  • Read/write head crash
  • Advanced firmware
  • Clicking Hard Drive
  • Beeping or Buzzing HDD
  • Hard Drive Not Found

$1 900+

  • Platter damage
  • Fire / Water
  • Edge Case
  • Clicking Hard Drive
  • Scratching or Grinding Sounds
  • Hard Drive Not Found
  • Hard Drive Not Spinning Up


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