New email attack uses Quant Loader trojan to deliver ransomware
New email attack uses Quant Loader trojan to deliver ransomware2018-04-19T15:57:37-05:00

Email continues to be a popular gateway by which hackers try to steal your information and that trend won’t be ending anytime soon. TechRepublic reports a new email attack delivers malicious attachments, containing a trojan known as the Quant Loader. This trojan installs ransomware and password-stealing software onto your device.

How does this email attack work?

Barracuda Networks discovered the new attack works differently than other malware programs. Instead of using browser vulnerabilities, like the ones found in Internet Explorer, attackers rely on Samba to download a file, bypassing security measures found on any web browser, according to TechRepublic.

Luckily, this attack is easy to identify. Normally, it’s a blank email declaring its a billing statement and it contains a zip file attachment. Clicking on that attachment activates the Quant Loader installer, which can infect your device with ransomware.

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The dangers behind Quaint Loader

Once Quaint Loader is on your device, the problem becomes exponentially more dangerous. The reason for this is anyone can purchase Quaint Loader as a malware-as-a-service product on underground markets, according to TechRepublic.

From there, the user configures the malware based on their preferences. The danger isn’t only in that even average criminals with no coding skills can gain access to this with the right price, it’s that attacks can become more widespread thanks to the availability of the service.

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How do I avoid email attacks?

First, it’s important to protect your device by updating its software as updates occur and having an active anti-virus protection installed. In addition, it’s vital to refrain from opening emails containing attachments from unknown senders.

Keep in mind most banks and utility companies won’t send your bill via attachment. Often, they’ll send you a notification that your bill is available with some pertinent account details and a link to their website so you can log in to access it.

Further, education plays an important role in mitigating risk. If you run a company, you’ll want to share security updates such as these and have an action plan in place should a data breach happen.

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