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HP data recovery services

Since 2003, SalvageData has specialized in evaluating, recovering and restoring data from all HP of data storage devices and systems.

Warranty-safe HP data recovery

HP is renowned for their laptop, desktop, disk drivers, smartphones, and tablets computer. SalvageData has the certification to safely restore your data in a timely manner. Our experience with HP allows us to work on your devices without compromising your warranty.

HP data storage device

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Have your Hewlett-Packard data restored with security and agility by SalvageData professionals. No matter the device or the model. SalvageData has over 100 locations across the United States and is partnered with Fedex for free, safe packaging at any of their offices. Quickly find one of our data recovery centers near you.


SalvageData has acquired all the necessary certifications to recover data from HP devices while following strict data privacy and data security protocols.


Get your data recovered in a ISO-certified laboratory and highly-rated professionals with years of experience in secure data recovery.

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It’s simple: on the unlikely chance that the data is unrecoverable, there’s no charge for our data recovery attempt.

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Get an expert evaluation to find out exactly what’s the issue is with your device and determine the complexity of the recovery.

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We offer a range of turnaround times that you can choose from so you can get your data recovered as fast as you need it.

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Count on our 24/7 emergency data recovery options. Call now to speak with a data recovery advisor and get your data recovered ASAP.

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Comprehensive answers to the most common questions when it comes to HP data recovery.

The cost of your HP device data recovery will depend on several factors:

  • Type of damage (water, fire, system, etc.)
  • Level of damage
  • If it’s an emergency recovery
  • The time spent on the recovery

You can expect a cost of $300-$1000 for more minor fixes and $1100-$1900 for more major incidents such as disk crashes or water damage.

Before we begin the recovery of your device, we send a detailed quote for the data recovery service. You can send your device for a free-in lab evaluation when you open a case on our website.

After that, we’ll start the recovery process in a cleanroom, following all the security regulations.


SalvageData engineers are trained and experienced with HP devices, being careful when handling the devices so you won’t lose the product warranty.


SalvageData offers certificated data recovery services, and your data (no matter the security level you need) will be protected.

We follow all security standards, such as GSA and HIPAA, besides using a class 100 ISO 5 cleanroom for all recovery processes.

You can submit a case on our website and choose a service option. A shipping label is generated so you can print and add it to the package. 

We’ll analyze your device in a cleanroom lab before starting the recovery process.

Follow all the instructions on how to safely pack your device before sending it.

You can also find an authorized service provider near you to start your recovery process.


Our experts will analyze your case and then decide if it’s possible to make a remote or on-site data recovery.

SalvageData has a No Data, No Charge policy, in the unlikely event that we can’t recover your data, we don’t charge you for the worked hours and equipment used.

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Successful data recovery depends on an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of different OS architectures. And SalvageData supports them all.

Apple Operating Systems

Data recovery on Apple devices is one of our core specialties. Whether it’s Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook, Air, iMac, or any other iOS device you need help with, we offer 96.7% successful recovery of missing files — with complete confidentiality of the retrieved data being guaranteed, of course.

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Our qualified Windows data recovery team can help you reclaim valuable information from damaged or encrypted disks, corrupted file systems, formatted or resized partitions, as well as to regain access to missing media files erased due to accidental deletions or virus attacks.

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SalvageData’s expertise in retrieving missing files on Linux computers covers all data loss scenarios, including those caused by physical damage to the HDD, logical failures, file system corruption, malware infection and other errors that may prevent you from accessing important data.

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All Manufacturers Supported

Our certified experts are registered with the leading data storage manufacturers to securely recover lost data.


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