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  • Solved: Can’t Delete File in Windows 10

    No matter how large the capacity of the computer’s internal hard drive may be, sooner or later we all run into the out-of-memory-space issue — often just when there is an urgent need to install a program required for work or to transfer data from an external storage device. Of course, deleting unnecessary files and […]

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    Hard Drive Beeping

    Hard Drive vs. Solid State Drive: Pros and Cons of Using Each

    Determining the superiority of SSD versus HDD requires you to define exactly what better means in your particular case. While for some “better” means faster or more reliable, others prefer to compare dollars and cents rather than improved performance or storage capacity increase.   In an ideal world, you could have them both installed on […]

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    Hard Disk B

    Recovering Data from a Fire-Damaged Drive: What You Should Know

    Hard drive damage due to fire may not be the most common cause of data loss, but is definitely one of the most difficult to recover from. While the physical or mechanical damage to an HDD alone can be devastating in many ways, the hard drive chamber, hard drive assembly (HDA), also often gets heavily […]

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    Flash Drive

    Flash Drive Failures: Most Common Causes, And How to Prevent Them

    Despite the huge variety of alternatives that greatly surpass flash drives in terms of capacity, performance, and durability, USBs remain in great demand among thousands of users for they provide an incredibly convenient and compact means of data storage and transportation. With an impressive number of write/erase cycles — depending on the memory technology used, […]

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    Drobo vs Synology

    Drobo vs Synology: What Do They Offer, And How To Choose Yours?

    Why Opt for NAS? The number of cloud storage users around the world continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and that is no surprise: space scalability, customizable access, automated backup options and convenient data sharing features are just a few of the benefits that cloud computing can offer you today — not mentioning the […]

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    Data Recovery Service

    Most Common Hardware Failures: Diagnosing by Noise

    In spite of the fast-paced world of technology being constantly improved and every now and then supplied with new methods of gathering, operating, and storing information — from refined solid-state drives and helium storage devices of today to DNA memory and quantum computing we’re about to see in the future, — everlasting hardware is yet […]

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    IBM 350 – The World’s First Hard Drive

    Every major piece of technology has a beginning. Whether it was instantly adopted, took time to be accepted, or served as the basis of the idea that did catch on, most of the kinds of products you use began as a single item or invention. Karl Benz’s gas-powered internal combustion engine has been the basis […]

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