Tour Our New Site!

Tour Our New Site!

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A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was not a management guru, but his advice on the importance of the customer is something that all managers should heed. When customers do not deal with a business by physically visiting its premises but do so online by visiting its website, then the business website becomes equivalent to physical premises, and the customer must be given due importance. Keeping this in mind, we have completely redesigned our website to offer the maximum value to any seeker of data recovery services.

Easier to Navigate

The first thing that distinguishes our new website is ease of navigation. Instead of overloading it with heavy graphics and animation that take ages to load and irritate the busy customer without adding any value, our website is simple yet easy on the eye. All necessary information regarding hard drive recovery, RAID recover and server data recovery are arranged in neat groups and accessible at a single mouse-click. We believe that the design of our website truly differentiates us from competing providers of data recovery services.

Encouraging Feedback

We believe we can learn a lot by listening to our customers. That is why our website has a discussion forum where customers can interact with each other as well as company staff. Our blog also enables us to reach out to customers on a regular basis, offering advice and keeping them updated of the latest developments in the field of data recovery.

In spite of the wealth of data available on the website, we believe that there’s no substitute for human interaction. With that in mind, we have included live chat functionality where visitors can chat with our experts 24×7 on anything related to data recovery.

Constantly Striving to Offer the Best User Experience

Finally, our website is not a static asset. It’s a highly dnyamic medium that is constantly being evaluated, updated and improved. We invite you to explore our website and provide us your valuable feedback. After all, it’s your feedback that will drive changes on the website and help us serve you better.