Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Removing Ransomware: How to Regain Access to Your Devices

It’s a seemingly normal day. You’re in the rabbit hole of researching a fascinating new topic and then something happens. A warning message pops up on your computer, stating it has been locked.

Frantically, you press keys […]

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Researchers find ransomware can infect and control robots

If hacking into your emails isn’t bad enough, your company’s robotics could go plum loco under robot ransomware.

Security researchers with IOActive discovered vulnerabilities with two different robots. In each instance, the ransomware stopped […]

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A Guide to Using Apple Computer Data Recovery Services

Apple computers are known for their world-class design, excellent processing speeds, and rich graphics. Among the most popular computers for its brand continue to be the iMac.

The iMac is an all-in-one computer that boasts fast […]

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CryptoMix Ransomware: All You Need to Know to Stay Protected

One of the biggest known ransomware, the CryptoMix family first emerged in May 2016. CryptoMix is a combination of CryptXXX and CryptWall. It is reinvented quite frequently and the new variant of CryptoMix was just in name as […]

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How to stay safe from Ransomware attacks in 2018

If you’re wondering what a ransomware is, it is any malicious program that holds on to your data using encryption for a ransom. The effects of an attack from such a software or program on your business or […]