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    What are the RAID 5 Requirements?

    RAID 5, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks 5, is a data storage configuration. It employs blocks with parity information spread across multiple disks.  This type of setup allows you to store the same information on multiple drives. Which can be incredibly useful if one drive fails. Despite this advantage, there are minimum requirements that […]

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    what is an sd card, what are sd cards used for, which types of sd card exists, memory card, flash memory card

    SD Cards: The Ultimate Guide About This Storage Technology

    An SD card, or a secure digital card, is a small flash memory card used for storing data. You can use SD cards, sometimes known as memory cards, in digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, and video game consoles. When choosing an SD card, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for. If you’re […]

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    cmr hard drive, smr hard drive, smr vs cmr

    CMR vs SMR: Which Hard Drive Technology Is The Best For You

    CMR and SMR are methods to store data on hard drives. Each one has a significant part in the storage device performance. SMR stands for Shingled Magnetic Recording, while CMR stands for Conventional Magnetic Recording. SMR is a relatively new technology that some of the leading manufacturers of hard drives, such as Western Digital and […]

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    avoid data lass, server feilure, prevent downtime, salvagedata

    Server Failure: How to Avoid Data Loss & Downtime

    With the constant worry about downtime, many businesses have forgotten hardware in favor of software. This can be an expensive mistake as disasters like storms or hacks take down vital systems damaging not only your data but your company’s image. Therefore, learning how to prevent server failure and avoid its consequences – data loss and […]

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    Format The Disk In Drive, Windows error, how to fix, external drive,

    How To Fix Error: “You Need To Format The Disk In Drive”

    Disk errors can frustrate users, but they also are usually easy to fix. When your disk asks to be formatted, it means that the disk is either damaged or not formatted correctly. It can be your external hard drive, SD card, or USB flash disk. At any time you can plug it in and the […]

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    how to fix windows error, no bootable media found

    How To Fix Windows’ Error: No Bootable Medium Found

    The “No bootable medium found” error found on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10, means that your computer is trying to boot from a source that doesn’t have an operating system installed.  This usually happens if you’re trying to boot from a USB drive or CD/DVD that doesn’t have a bootable version […]

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    no bootable device error, how to fix computer error, fix no bootable device error

    How To Fix “No Bootable Device” Error

    The disk error No bootable device means that the computer cannot find the hardware with the required files for a computer start, aka bootable device. Damaged cables, incorrect BIOS settings, or a faulty hard drive are some ‌reasons behind a no bootable device. In most cases, you can fix the no bootable device problem following […]

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    raid 10, data recovery, data security, storage technology

    RAID 10: Definition & Why You Should Use It

    The redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is a data storage technology that uses several disks. If one disk fails, the entire sequence can be damaged, meaning you need to provide a solution immediately. Yet, they are still a very secure and reliable choice, because of their efficiency and durability. The RAID 10 (also known […]

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    data encryption, encryption, data security, data recovery, data encryption recovery

    How to Prevent Data Loss When Encrypting Your Data

    Data recovery methods vary widely depending on the type of damage to the device and the data itself. This means that, unfortunately, data recovery gets trickier when you have encrypted data. That’s because data encryption uses a high-security level to protect your data, which affects data recovery efforts. With the increase in ransomware attacks trying […]

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