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Smart TVs: What Could Go Wrong?

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smart tv data lossThe rate of change and technological development in our world has been at its ultimate peak in the past couple of years as compared to any era before. We have become so used to new advancements becoming a part of our lives, and ending up so highly integrated into our routines, that nothing feels out of the ordinary.

The primary trend has been that so much of our technology is becoming ‘smart’. This includes: Smartphones, smartwatches, smart-boards, smart TVs, etc.



With the huge success and potential of the “Internet of Things”, connected technology is becoming as popular as ever. The convenience and efficiency that smart TVs bring to our daily lives is enormous and changes the way we access entertainment.

With internet connection available on your flat-screen TV, you can connect it to your other devices and access a horde of different applications. This includes YouTube and other social networking sites such as Facebook. You can use your TV to Skype and even broadcast channels and shows on the internet that are not provided by your cable or satellite connection.



While streaming any movie or video that you would like from your phone to your TV without the slightest hint of trouble sounds convenient, one might stop and think: doesn’t it seem too good to be true? Is there a catch to all of this convenience and ease of use? Unfortunately, yes there is. That one catch is: data loss.



The problem with allowing your TV to access your sensitive data and receive it is that it also becomes accessible to the manufacturers or the broadcasters of that particular channel. This exposes your personal data to external risk.

Another great risk that comes with smart technology is the complete loss of data from the root. The issue is that most manufacturers use an operating system that is similar to Linux. If you connect an external drive or USB to your TV, it will be converted into the vendor format. Before the contents recorded on it can be viewed on your laptop or any other device, they need to be formatted back to common file types.

As such, if you have connected an external drive to your smart TV and somehow it gets damaged to the point that the files are no longer accessible, then it becomes very difficult to recover it, especially for an average individual who does not possess the technical knowledge of the Linux language. In this situation, you must avoid connecting the damaged drive to your mobile phone or laptop as it will result in the loss of your files completely. This reason is that your device will try to format the files to view-able form and will lose them in the process.

Try to be wary of these risks when using smart TVs and in the case that you end up in such a situation where your data is at risk, try getting the help of a certified professional who knows how to best handle the situation.

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