SalvageData Makes a Family’s Christmas

Just before this past Christmas, we recovered data for a client whose sister-in-law’s hard drive failed. After the holidays, the client sent us a video he shot of his sister-in-law opening the hard drive on Christmas, and needless to say it put a smile on our faces.

The best commercial businesses are the ones that don’t just have a solid bottom line, but truly improve people’s lives. At SalvageData, we frequently deal with data of an extremely sensitive or emotional nature. Wedding photos, videos of a deceased loved one, and data necessary for an entire business to exist are some of the things we have recovered for clients over the years. We take great pride in the services we offer, and genuinely love hearing that we have done some good for somebody.

If you have data that would be devastating to lose, be sure to back it up. We can’t stress that enough. However, if you’ve already lost data important to you, submitting a case in the top right of the screen is the first step to being reunited with your data.