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    6 Best QNAP NAS Options of 2022

    It comes a time that scaling small businesses or even home users handling large volumes of data will need to upgrade their data storage solutions.  A storage upgrade is meant not only for increased capacity or reliability, but for a centralized setup to improve performance, shareability, and security.  The natural growth from a DAS (Direct-Attached […]

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    NAS Device, Storage device, How to choose NAS, Drobo vs Synology

    Drobo vs Synology: What Do They Offer & How To Choose Yours

    Drobo and Synology are two of the well-known companies to provide NAS (network-attached storage) devices for both individuals and businesses. Each one of them offers models that best fit different objectives, budgets, and storage capacities. Knowing what you need and which is the goal is the important thing when looking for your new NAS device. […]

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    RAID Storage System, DAS, NAS, SAN, Server, Data Storage Solutions

    DAS, NAS, or SAN: How to Determine What Storage System to Use in a RAID?

    From the photographs being stored on our personal computers, documents, files, and various archives to business assets and huge databases of megacorporations — the total amount of data created each day reaches 2.5 quintillion bytes.  Along with this, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now more people than ever before working from home. This […]

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    RAID Configuration, RAID Levels Explained, RAID Array, RAID Storage System

    What is RAID Storage and What is the Best RAID Configuration?

    There comes a time when you run out of space and your computer will work frustratingly slow.  That’s when you need a RAID solution that offers redundancy, which is when you go from a single disk to multiple ones.  However, the best suiting RAID configuration depends on your data storage needs – and budget.  There […]

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