New Look, Same Leading Service – SalvageData Rolls out New Website

New Look, Same Leading Service – SalvageData Rolls out New Website

2013-12-03T21:41:29+00:003 Dec 2013|

Many hard months of intense coding and writing finally came to fruition earlier this month when we rolled out our brand new website. We set out to create a website that would not just stand out among the data recovery crowd, but be an award-worthy site that would gain notice within the website design community.

Some of the improvements with the new site include:

A More Flat, Interactive Web Experience

Walls of text filled with keyword stuffing and arduous animation are things of the past, and our website reflects the user-friendly future of web design. The content on our site is leaner, more pleasing to read, and better conveys our message. The site was made with flat web design as a key element, encouraging interaction and keeping viewers engaged with interactive modules and simple, easily digestible information.

Better Navigation

Better content doesn’t do much for visitors if they can’t easily find it. Our information is better organized, shortening the number of clicks and time for our visitors between landing on our site and the information they’re looking for. The landing page’s navigation layout and our interactive menus give a simpler look, when in fact they link to vastly more information than before.

Much more friendly to mobile devices and various screen sizes

Our new website was designed to be responsive to the many screen sizes our site is viewed on, from mobile phones and tablets to the largest computer monitors. With about half of all web traffic in the world nowadays coming from mobile devices, having a site designed with mobile web traffic in mind is crucial. Resize you browser’s window to see how our site adjusts to any display size without surrendering quality.