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Our labs are open. Amid COVID-19 pandemic, SalvageData Recovery lab and recovery services are fully operational. At this time, we only accept shipments and courier deliveries; no drop-offs allowed. Take advantage of our free shipping labels and pickup service. For service and support, chat with us or call 1-800-972-DATA.

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How to Back Up Your Android Device: A Comprehensive Guide To Securing Important Data With A Few Taps

It was just a few years ago when a simple backup required Android users to perform a number of complex procedures, involving physical computer connections, [...]

2020-07-14T06:40:40-05:0014 Jul 2020|

Ransomware Spread: The 8 Most Common Infection Ways, and How to Safeguard Against Them

While organizations around the world are forced to shell out vast amounts of money to protect their data from ransomware attacks, trying to rightsize their [...]

2020-07-11T07:26:22-05:0011 Jul 2020|

DNA, Helium Drives And Beyond: The Astounding Future of Data Storage Technologies

Ever since the first memory device was invented — initially bulky, limited and sluggish, — researches and inventors have been pushing the limits beyond what's [...]

2020-04-08T15:27:02-05:0010 Mar 2020|
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