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    SSD: How Do They Work, And How Long Can They Actually Last?

    How much data do we produce? According to the IDC’s report on the ever-growing datasphere, which was released in not-so-far 2018, the total size of the world’s collected data is expected to hit the daunting 175 zettabytes by 2025 — for a compounded annual growth rate of 61 percent. But with surging storage needs across […]

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    Clicking HDD, Clicking Hard Drive, Why my hard drive is clicking, HDD, Hard Drive Noises

    Why Is Your Hard Drive Clicking?

    There are several signs of hard disk drive (HDD) failure besides the evident ones like error screen and failure to boot.  While they now boast larger storage capacities, more compact sizes, and faster speeds, hard drives still have a quite fragile design. This means that the possibility of breakage or malfunction increases in proportion to […]

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    RAID Storage System, DAS, NAS, SAN, Server, Data Storage Solutions

    DAS, NAS, or SAN: How to Determine What Storage System to Use in a RAID?

    From the photographs being stored on our personal computers, documents, files, and various archives to business assets and huge databases of megacorporations — the total amount of data created each day reaches 2.5 quintillion bytes.  Along with this, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now more people than ever before working from home. This […]

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    hard drive beeping, hard drive solutions, fix hard drive, external hard drive

    Why Is Your External Hard Drive Beeping?

    A hard drive may produce natural sounds when you turn it on/off, and there is nothing to worry about. But when your hard drive beeps, that is a sign that something is wrong. A hard drive beeping is an alert for you to take action to protect your data and fix the problem before losing […]

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    Data Recovery Service

    Most Common Hardware Failures: Diagnosing by Noise

    In spite of the fast-paced world of technology being constantly improved and every now and then supplied with new methods of gathering, operating, and storing information — from refined solid-state drives and helium storage devices of today to DNA memory and quantum computing we’re about to see in the future, — everlasting hardware is yet […]

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    data security

    Data Security Tips: 8 Proven Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Mac Dev

    Protecting Your Data As our devices these days are in charge of holding large amounts of sensitive information, data security has become a priority issue that’s certainly worth going into details on. The majority of computer users today tend to believe relying entirely on antivirus is enough to have their sensitive information protected. In fact, […]

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    How Does A Flash Drive Work? SalvageData’s Quick Technology Overview

    In spite of the relatively small storage capacities, they offer (up to 1TB maximum against 16TB that can be found in latest SSDs), somewhat low read-and-write speeds and, after all, continuously developing market of competitive storage devices, in 2020 flash drives remain an incredibly common way to store files. Which is no wonder: removable, rewritable, […]

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