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    How Does A Flash Drive Work? SalvageData’s Quick Technology Overview

    In spite of the relatively small storage capacities, they offer (up to 1TB maximum against 16TB that can be found in latest SSDs), somewhat low read-and-write speeds and, after all, continuously developing market of competitive storage devices, in 2020 flash drives remain an incredibly common way to store files. Which is no wonder: removable, rewritable, […]

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    SSD vs HDD

    How Hard Drives Still Compete With SSDs

    Long story short: according to the recent International Data Corporation’s research called “The Data Age 2025“, the global amount of stored digital information will reach 163 zettabytes by 2025. And even more mind-boggling than that is when you compare it to 2016, when that figure was only 16 zettabytes.   Of course, those zettabytes have […]

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    RAID Rebuild, Failed Raid, Degraded RAID, How to

    How to Rebuild a Failed RAID without Losing Data

    If you are in the unfortunate situation where your RAID array has failed or is running in a degraded RAID mode, most likely you’ll need to rebuild it. A raid drive recovery may be complex and risky, but the steps below will guide you with the ways of properly rebuilding it. The goal here is […]

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    RAID Configuration, RAID Levels Explained, RAID Array, RAID Storage System

    What is RAID Storage and What is the Best RAID Configuration?

    There comes a time when you run out of space and your computer will work frustratingly slow.  That’s when you need a RAID solution that offers redundancy, which is when you go from a single disk to multiple ones.  However, the best suiting RAID configuration depends on your data storage needs – and budget.  There […]

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    Hard Drive Failures, Warning Signs of HDD Failure, How To Fix Failing Hard Drive

    Hard Drive Failures: Common Causes and Warning Signs

    Whether you were already suspecting a hard drive failure or got caught without notice with a sudden crash, you probably came to this article looking for answers or at least for clues. Unless you are very diligent about your computer and are searching online for how to prevent a hard drive failure, chances are, it […]

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    Discover the Basics of iPad Data Recovery Services

    Discover the Basics of iPad Data Recovery Services

    Your iPad could house your financial, personal, and other information you wouldn’t want in the hands of hackers. Therefore, knowing the telltale signs of when your iPad acts weird could be the difference between stopping an attack in progress or having to find experts to recover your files. What Causes an iPad to Lose Its […]

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    How Does External USB Drive Data Recovery Work?

    How Does External USB Drive Data Recovery Work?

    If you conduct work on multiple computers or want a quick way to access files on the go, then an external hard drive is a smart option to consider. These work by connecting your computer to an external hard drive via the USB port. And once connected you can access the hard drive’s content through […]

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