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  • History Of Failure Error: What To Do & How to Avoid Data Loss

    History Of Failure Error: What To Do & How to Avoid Data Loss

    It’s not unusual to get a “History Of Failure” warning sign in your Dell EqualLogic PS Series storage array.  Dell EqualLogic storage arrays are a great option for small businesses because they’re affordable and easy to use. But like all storage arrays, they’re not immune to problems.  History Of Failure message appears when the disk […]

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    What Is A Hard Drive? The Ultimate Guide

    What Is A Hard Drive? The Ultimate Guide

    The computer hard drive stores the files and all kinds of information and applications in the computer system. Other parts of your computer work together to show you the applications and files stored on your hard drive. Hard drives (aka HDD or hard disk drives) are made of spinning disks, or platters, that store the […]

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    how to fix Disk Unknown Not Initialized

    How to Fix “Disk Unknown Not Initialized” Error in Windows

    As an external hard drive user, you may face this problem when connecting it to your Windows computer. The error happens when the Windows Disk Management does not recognize Disk 1, it’s labeled Disk Unknown Not Initialized.  The issue is that when you try to initialize using Disk Management, it says the disk is not […]

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    How to Format SD Card: The Complete Guide

    Formatting the SD card not only ensures that you can use the card’s maximum storage capacity, but also encourages you to backup the contents of your SD card regularly so that you don’t lose your work. There are several ways to format an SD card, depending on what sort of device you have available.  You […]

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    How to Backup Computer to External Hard Drive

    How to Backup Computer to External Hard Drive

    It’s essential to back up your computer’s data on an external hard drive (HD) to prevent any loss due to ransomware, disk error, accidental deletion, or any kind of physical damage. Having a backup will allow you to restore your data quickly. There are two types of backup: partial backup and system backup. With any […]

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    RAID 5, RAID 5 requirements tech, storage technology,

    What are the RAID 5 Requirements?

    RAID 5, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks 5, is a data storage configuration. It employs blocks with parity information spread across multiple disks.  This type of setup allows you to store the same information on multiple drives. Which can be incredibly useful if one drive fails. Despite this advantage, there are minimum requirements that […]

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    what is an sd card, what are sd cards used for, which types of sd card exists, memory card, flash memory card

    SD Cards: The Ultimate Guide About This Storage Technology

    An SD card, or a secure digital card, is a small flash memory card used for storing data. You can use SD cards, sometimes known as memory cards, in digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, and video game consoles. When choosing an SD card, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for. If you’re […]

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