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    How are iPhone and Android Data Recovery Different?

    So the real difference between Android and iPhone data recovery is the recovery method used to extract the data. But in recent years it’s been a similar process because everything is now encrypted. One thing to take into account when talking about data recovery, is that every phone has different chips that store different information.  […]

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    Upgrading laptop, HDD, SSD, Hitachi HDD, hard drive,

    Upgrading Your Laptop: Hitachi’s HDD

    Not all laptops need to be upgraded with an SSD. The HDD (Hard Drive Disk) still holds its place in the market, even today. They are pretty cheap and offer more storage than your standard SDD (Solid State Drive). The best thing about upgrading your laptop to an HDD is the price. It is much […]

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    RAID, SSD, HDD, RAID Array, Data Storage, IT Solutions

    RAID with SSD and HDD: Everything you need to know

    There are so many benefits from upgrading your data management setup for a RAID array, that you’ll first ask yourself why you haven’t done it sooner. Then, your next question will most likely be: How to do RAID with SSD and HDD combined? This is a valid question, especially when it comes to costs.  An […]

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    Defrag SSD, SSDs, Defragmentation, HDDs, DataStorage, Data Recovery

    Does Defragmenting a Solid-State Drive Cause Data Loss?

    If you own an SSD you probably have heard that defragmenting is not recommended for solid-state hard drives. Most likely you had a hard disk drive before upgrading it to an SSD when you even had a weekly defrag automatically scheduled. We know some habits are hard to break. Especially if you’ve been indoctrinated that […]

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    How To Fix Problem: “SD Card Won’t Format”

    Do you often use gadgets that rely on memory card storage instead of the device’s internal memory? No doubt about it, the answer is yes. Owing to their relatively large storage capacities at such miniature dimensions, Secure Digital cards have become widely used in consumer electronics as a dependable means of storing gigabytes of data […]

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    Hard Drive Beeping

    Hard Drive vs. Solid State Drive: Pros and Cons of Using Each

    Determining the superiority of SSD versus HDD requires you to define exactly what better means in your particular case. While for some “better” means faster or more reliable, others prefer to compare dollars and cents rather than improved performance or storage capacity increase.   In an ideal world, you could have them both installed on […]

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    Samsung Hard Drive without enclosure

    SATA Hard Drives: Not Widely Known, Yet Widely Used

    So, there are three main types of hard drives when it comes to storage solutions: conventional spinning hard disk drives, nimble solid-state drives, and something called Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, or SATA for short. And since our blog is replete with content disclosing the features and differences between solid-state devices and good ol’ HDDs, this […]

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