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    How to Prevent Data Loss When Encrypting Your Data

    Data recovery methods vary widely depending on the type of damage to the device and the data itself. This means that, unfortunately, data recovery gets trickier when you have encrypted data. That’s because data encryption uses a high-security level to protect your data, which affects data recovery efforts. With the increase in ransomware attacks trying […]

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    Data storage, best data storage, data storage device, storage options

    Which Data Storage Option Is The Best One For You?

    The choice of which data storage device is right for you has changed over the years. With different types and brands available, it’s important to know how they work so that you can use the equipment efficiently. Knowing about data storage devices helps you to invest in the most fittable one for your goal.  If […]

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    data storage, how to choose data sotrage, on-premise vs cloud

    Cloud Vs On-Premise Software: Which Is Best For Your Business?

    Deciding whether cloud or on-premise software it’s the best choice for your business can be difficult. That’s because both have great qualities in their favor. On one hand, on-premise software is installed locally, giving you complete control over data and applications. But on the other hand, cloud software offers easier access and a host of […]

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    How to avoid RAID array data loss

    RAID Arrays Data Protection: How To Avoid Data Loss

    Depending on your RAID configuration, you probably already have a setup that helps protect your data in case a drive fails. Although you can always resort to RAID recovery services when a bad surprise happens to your drives, nothing beats the trustworthy protection methods to keep RAID data safe. Data protection means you’ll spend less […]

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    server recovery, SQL server recovery, Server Data Recovery, Server Crash, Server Down, Unresponsive Server, Disaster Recovery Plan

    Why a Server Data Recovery Plan is Important

    Data is the lifeline of every organization. A database is one of the most sensitive and valuable assets of a business.  From transactions to cash flows, from number-crunching to research and development, data plays a tremendous role in making organizations grow.  Businesses of all types and sizes need to store vital information in databases. And […]

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    How to Protect Your Data, Data Protection, Data Safety, Digital Privacy, Remote Work, WFH

    How to Protect Your Data On Remote Work

    We’re living in the Information Age. Almost everything you do leaves behind an electronic trail, and this is especially true if you like to travel for work or pleasure.  People are often unprepared for the task of protecting their data online when they leave their office to work remotely.  They think that “nothing will happen” […]

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    Securely Delete Files, File Deletion, Data Safety, Data Security, Flash Drive, USB Drive, Pen Drive, Thumb Drive, Data Storage Solutions

    How to Securely Delete Files from Your Flash Drive

    A lot of data loss cases are caused by the unintentional deletion of files. Although this can be a stressful situation, there are easy and safe solutions to recover deleted files. But how about when you are absolutely sure you want to delete a file, how to do so in a safe manner? Whether for […]

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