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  • data security

    Data Security Tips: 8 Proven Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Mac Dev

    Protecting Your Data As our devices these days are in charge of holding large amounts of sensitive information, data security has become a priority issue that’s certainly worth going into details on. The majority of computer users today tend to believe relying entirely on antivirus is enough to have their sensitive information protected. In fact, […]

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    data corruption

    How Files Become Corrupted, And How You Can Protect Your Data

    Corrupted file — damaged, unreadable, or the one refusing to open properly — is what nearly all of us had encountered in our user experience. And if before even a system reboot couldn’t always handle this type of problem, today we work with machines that are taught to find and correct errors on their own. […]

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    MSP Expo 2020 Announcement

    One of the most anticipated events — Managed Service Provider Expo — breaks into 2020 with largest and most extensive annual national trade show, the main purpose of which is to provide the opportunity to explore the latest innovations and business practices and connect vendors and resellers in the office technology space. MSP Expo is […]

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    ransomware attack

    Ransomware Attack Guide: How to Prevent And Recover After

    The value of digital data has been continuously increasing over the last years — and so does the art of hacking: in contrast to attacking systems at random that intruders used to resort to before, today their methods develop and improve into tools which are much more sophisticated and targeted. According to the latest report […]

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