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Los Prevention

HC6 Ransomware decryption: All you need to know about this malware

The HC6 Ransomware was recently discovered and typically requires victims to pay ransoms of up to $2500 before their files can be decrypted. It is commonly called the .fucku ransomware or virus because it renames files to end […]

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Water Damaged Hard Drive: What To Do

water damaged hard drive

Water Damaged Hard Drive

As with all things electrical, hard drives do not mix well with liquids. Of course, even with the best intentions in the world, accidents happen and water […]

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Smart TVs: What Could Go Wrong?


smart tv data lossThe rate of change and technological development in our world has been at its ultimate peak in the past couple of years as compared to any […]

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Data Recovery “Do-it-yourself” Fails

Data Recovery “Do-it-yourself” Fails

Data recovery is a very tedious task if you don’t know what is disrupting the data and what the main cause of the error is. Data holds great importance to everyone, especially […]

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