Data Backup

Data Backup

FBI warns of North Korean Password-Stealing Tools Brambul and Joanap

Your passwords can be the gateway to your company’s data. Hackers understand this, it’s why they deploy password-stealing tools to harvest this information.

The FBI, along with the Department of Homeland Security announced North Korean hackers are […]

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Learning How SD Card Data Recovery Works and When You Need It

An SD card is a memory card used for portable devices such as cameras, tablets, and smartphones. These versatile cards are perfect for providing your smartphone with more memory, as they hold pictures, documents, files, and videos with […]

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Virtual Drives Recovery: Their Uses, Advantages and Drawbacks

Because we do more online it makes sense we need more storage for our data. In the past, floppy disks-remember those things?-were one of the go-to methods to store files outside of your device. However, since that time, […]

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Mobile Banking Security: Banks Apps Are the Most Vulnerable to Hacking

Banking apps provide you with a wealth of convenient features. You can check your balance whenever you want to avoid those pesky overdraft fees; you can deposit checks and some apps even allow you to send money to […]

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New Phone Malware Intercepts Calls to Banks to Steal Data

Malware is becoming more sophisticated. This, coupled with our reliance on our smartphones to do more phone banking poses a legit security concern. And thieves are taking full advantage of it through phone malware

Meet the New […]

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HC6 Ransomware decryption: All you need to know about this malware

The HC6 Ransomware was recently discovered and typically requires victims to pay ransoms of up to $2500 before their files can be decrypted. It is commonly called the .fucku ransomware or virus because it renames files to end […]

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Water Damaged Hard Drive: What To Do

water damaged hard drive

Water Damaged Hard Drive

As with all things electrical, hard drives do not mix well with liquids. Of course, even with the best intentions in the world, accidents happen and water […]

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Smart TVs: What Could Go Wrong?


smart tv data lossThe rate of change and technological development in our world has been at its ultimate peak in the past couple of years as compared to any […]

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