Causes of Hard Drive Failure

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Today, we`ll speak about causes of Hard Drive Failure. These days, we store just about everything we need digitally. Whether it’s that all important college essay, annual company report spreadsheets, or cherished family photos, we tend to lump all of these vital files together, and despite constant warnings to “back data up”, we often take their security for granted. The fact of the matter is that hard drives do fail for various reasons. These can be down to the age, the treatment, or be the fault of some hard drive logical failure. This article has been prepared to help you to prevent data loss in the first place, and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a damaged hard drive.

Aging Hard Drive

One of the most common causes of Hard Drive Failure behind losing your precious files and folders is an ageing hard drive. Most stationary hard drives that are subjected to average usage will have approximately five to ten working years in them before they give up the ghost but the precise lifespan will depend on other factors. These include the manufacturer of the unit, the type of hard drive (SSD, or HDD), its specific pattern of usage, among others. Temperature, and humidity, for example are known causes of accelerated hard drive degradation.

Owing to their potentially temperamental natures, the importance of backing up your data cannot be understated, especially when a unit gets to a certain age. Knowing where to get a reliable data recovery service is also a good idea for those relying on huge volumes of stored documentation. After hard drive failure you can get our data recovery services!

Water Damage

Of course, being electrical, hard drives are particularly susceptible to water damage. Just like laptops, mobile phones, and other devices, if your hard drive gets partially, or completely submerged (or even just a splash in the wrong place), it can become damaged. This will usually require some form of restoration if you ever want to access the data stored on it again.

Those who use their electrical equipment outside, or in environments with flowing liquid should take extra care with their devices. Again, frequent back ups are a wise idea. Hard Drive Failure is not dead for your data! Get our data recovery service right now!

Excessive Shocks

Hard drives are not shock resistant. Drops, and other physical impacts can cause issues with the workings of the unit. While failures as a result shock are usually more associated with HDD type drives, SSDs are not immune to them.

If you’re a clumsy sort, or work in a place where physical harm might come to your hard drive, it is vital that you consistently back up your data.

Hard Drive failure

It is not just physical damage that can affect the functionality of your hard drive, the inner file structure of unit itself can become damaged by invisible, hard to detect forces. These can be malware, corrupt files, or user created faults. Depending on the level of damage caused, the computer may or may not start up, and you may experience data loss, or disk errors.

In any case, if you fall victim to a hard drive logical failure on your hard drive, a data loss/recovery specialist can usually help to restore your files.

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