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Causes of Hard Drive Failure

Today, we`ll speak about causes of Hard Drive Failure. These days, we store just about everything we need digitally. Whether it’s that all important college essay, annual company report spreadsheets, or cherished family photos, we tend to lump all of these vital files together, and despite constant warnings to “back data up”, we often take

Making Better Hard Drives with Helium

Helium is a wonderful element, with many uses that improve our lives outside of making balloons float and creating comedic gold when inhaled. Helium is used to cool the magnets in MRI scanners, act as a protective gas in the production of titanium, and help detect leaks in pipelines. Now, helium is being used to

SalvageData Makes a Family’s Christmas

Just before this past Christmas, we recovered data for a client whose sister-in-law’s hard drive failed. After the holidays, the client sent us a video he shot of his sister-in-law opening the hard drive on Christmas, and needless to say it put a smile on our faces. The best commercial businesses are the ones that

The Truth about Solid State Drive Reliability

If you’ve Googled any comparison of hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs), then you’ve probably seen the same analysis in every article. Every one of them will tell you that HDDs give you a ton more space for much less money, while SSDs rock HDDs in terms of performance. No argument from

IBM 350 – The World’s First Hard Drive

Every major piece of technology has a beginning. Whether it was instantly adopted, took time to be accepted, or served as the basis of the idea that did catch on, most of the kinds of products you use began as a single item or invention. Karl Benz’s gas-powered internal combustion engine has been the basis

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A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.” – Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi was not a management guru, but his advice on the importance of the customer is something that all managers should heed. When customers do not deal with a business by physically visiting its premises but do so online by visiting its

How to Know A Data Recovery Provider Is Trustworthy

How to Know A Data Recovery Provider Is Trustworthy? “Trust, but verify.” – Ronald Reagan Choosing a data recovery service provider is a monumental decision. And like any tough decision, it should be made only after careful consideration. Like President Reagan, who refused to take everything the Soviets said regarding their nuclear arms at face

Data Recovery in Demand

Before there were automobiles, there were no car mechanics. Before there were televisions, there were no TV repairmen. Similarly, before there were hard disks, there was no demand for hard disk recovery services. Extending that logic, greater the number of hard drives operational, greater the demand for data recovery services. As to how much in

E-Discovery and Data Recovery

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” – Sherlock Holmes The detective’s quest for data is driven by the legal system’s need for irrefutable evidence before pronouncing judgment. While we have come a long way from 19th century London where the greatest fictional detective plied his trade, the legal system’s requirement

Contingency Plans and Data Recovery

The Role Data Recovery Plays in your Business Contingency Plans “We learn geology the morning after the earthquake.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Do you recall the recent earthquake that happened in Japan, and the consequent tsunami and damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant? While the loss of life is lamentable and it may seem callous

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